Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard Chopper now stationed on St. Maarten

POSTED: 11/5/13 12:24 PM

“Fighting the pirates of the Caribbean”

St. Maarten – “You’re welcome here. We now have increased border patrol on St. Maarten,” Minister of Justice Dennis Richardson said yesterday as he greeted the flight crew of the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard’s Augusta Westland 139 patrol helicopter. He was flanked on the tarmac of SXM Airport by a contingency of the Royal Dutch Coast Guard. On one of the pilot’s badges the slogan “Fighting the pirates of the Caribbean” is written.
The minister said that this was a historical day for St. Maarten since “it was the first helicopter of the island to take up duty” here. The chopper will be based on the island for some time and will dramatically improve the island’s ability to combat the “perceived” high rates of drugs, arms, and human smuggling activities, the minister said.

Minister Richardson was also pleased that the aircraft arrived at an opportune time, just before the scheduled royal visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. Their safety is paramount during the visit, and minister felt the helicopter would enhance security for the royal couple.
After a quick inspection of the helicopter with its crewmen, a brief reception followed in which some drinks and food were served and a celebratory toast given to congratulate its arrival.

With this helicopter now stationed on St. Maarten, the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard has a very sophisticated weapon in the fight against international smuggling.

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Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard Chopper now stationed on St. Maarten by

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