Civil servants receive salaries after payrolls merged

POSTED: 01/29/11 1:53 PM

GREAT BAY – Civil Servants were able to collect their salaries on Friday. The banks were asked to credit accounts on Thursday after the government completed the merger of the payroll for civil servants of the former Island Territory of St. Maarten and the government of the Netherlands Antilles.
The vast majority collected their money from two major banks on Friday, while a smaller amount, who has accounts at other banks may have gotten their money on Thursday.
This is the first month that the government is paying out a consolidated payroll, because the administration for the Central Government’s payroll was being handled by a contracted company up until the end of December.
“Naturally all efforts were made to have as accurate a payroll as possible given the circumstances, however, as in any transition period there could be discrepancies for which we apologize. We are asking those who notice any discrepancies to please note these down and bring them to the attention of their respective department head or the Salaries and Wages Department or Mrs. Cassandra Wilson of the Finance Department in order to have these corrected as soon as possible,” the Finance Minister said Hiro Shigemoto.
“The Government thanks civil servants for their cooperation and understanding in this matter as we go through this transition together and overcome some of the challenges that we confront on a daily basis in moving forward as a country,” Shigemoto added.

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Civil servants receive salaries after payrolls merged by

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