Circo Magik performs Silk at Cultural Center

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St. Maarten – Circo Magik, the youth circus theater group from Curacao, will arrive on February 8 in Sint Maarten to perform the Chinese legend Silk on the February 11 and 12 in the Cultural Center on Back Street. The public will enjoy a whirling presentation by kids and teens in exclusive costumes while portraying a beautiful story.
The circus is part of the Curacao Youth Art Foundation. Claudette Vries, the foundation’s director, is partnering with Motiance Dance School director Arlene Halley for this event. Dettie, as De Vries is affectionately called, is most excited to guide a crew of 35 enthusiastic youngsters of Circo Magik for these performances. Ten performers of the Motiance Dance school will also take part in the show that will put a total of 45 performers on stage. The guiding committee consists of a stage manager, three makeup artists, one rigger to check the circus material and one person to manage the follow spot.
Silk, or The Silk Goddess is a Chinese legend about the queen of the silk. In the different scenes Circo Magik shows in an artistic manner and with a lot of imagination images of the legend and a part of Marco Polo’s journey. The latter is reflected in the different people who travel to the Chinese Court, robes of the Court, the beautiful sites to admire, buying or exchanging silk for products from their own country. The Africans come for instance with ivory.
The climax of the legend is represented by the Chinese princess who steals the secret of silk production but eventually feels remorse and asks for forgiveness. The scenes are performed in costumes, designed and created by Rolfis Mezones.
The circus acts consist of double trapeze, lyra, tela, Spanish web, juggling with balls and diabolo, ground acrobatics, Indian dance, African dance, Chinese martial arts combined with dance and drama, stilts, modern dance and dance expression runners. Motiance brings in a ballet act and Chinese drums.
Silk is made in cooperation with Chinese citizens and organizations. Fighting techniques, philosophy as regards attitude, dealing with your body have a great impact on the final result. Both students and teachers have a major input in the creation of the scenes. Not only concerning the acts but also the costume choices and music.
Circo Magik was overall winner of the talent contest on 2 December 2011: Luna Yen, organized by the Dutch organization Move Your Art.
Silk performances on Sint Maarten are subsidized by the Prince Bernhard Fund and Insel Air. Performances in Curacao are sponsored by the Curacao Youth Art Foundation.
The tickets for kids ($15) and adults ($20) are available at bookstores Van Dorp in Madame Estate and Simpson Bay, the Family Dental Clinic in Simpson Bay and at the Motiance Dance School on the Longwall Road. The shows begin on both days performances at 7.30 p.m. and last until 9.00 p.m.
For more information visit the website: or call Arlene Halley at 524 04 41 or 543 06 00.

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