Chucky earns another six years behind bars

POSTED: 02/2/12 2:29 PM

Woman planned kidnapping and robbery

St. Maarten – Omar “Chucky” Nelson earned himself another 6 years of imprisonment yesterday on top of the 18 years he is already serving. The 21-year-old still has to face another trial for his escape from prison in March of last year; this will probably add another year to his time behind bars.
The Court in First Instance sentenced Nelson yesterday for his involvement in a violent kidnapping and robbery on August 18 of last year – eleven days before he was recaptured. The woman who planned the crime, 32-year-old Louella Azucenzia Flanders, was sentenced to 6 years; 19-year-old Roberto Rodolphe Fernando Brooks received the same punishment. His twin brother Ronaldo Romance Francisco was sentenced to 7 years because he was also found guilty of a violent robbery on February 14 of last year whereby he robbed a man of a wallet containing cash and bank cards.

Flanders planned the robbery because the victim, a man named Short, owed her money but did not pay her. A couple of days before the robbery and kidnapping the woman met the other three defendants to discuss the plan. In the night of August 17 to 18 the men stole a car and they drove Flanders to the victim’s house.
When she realized that the man’s girlfriend was in the house, she asked him to drive her to her house in French Quarter. She sent text messages to the men who were waiting outside and informed them about the route she would take.
In Nazareth Nelson rear-ended Short’s car. Together with the Brooks brothers he dragged the victim out of his car; they hit and kicked the man, and finally tied him and covered his face with duct tape. Then they drove around with their victim for more than four hours. Around daybreak they left him behind in Dutch Quarter.
During the kidnapping, Flanders made an attempt to take money from an ATM with the victim’s bank card, but this did not succeed because the machine swallowed the card.
Judge mr. Monique Keppels considered in her verdict that Nelson has a previous conviction for similar crimes. He is currently serving 18 years for a series of robberies – among them one in Mullet Bay that cost Wouter-Jan Romeijn his life. “While the robbery is so serious that the defendant deserves to be sentenced to a lengthy prison term, the court will refrain from imposing the customary sentence-increase for repeat-offenses, because of the many years the defendant still has to serve for another conviction.”

Usually sentences for repeat-offenses are increased by one-third of the considered punishment. The court ruling therefore saves Nelson an additional 2 years of imprisonment.
Roberto Brooks suffers, according to a psychiatric evaluation, from a psychotic disorder that is “apparently caused by excessive cannabis-use.” Brooks also displays anti-social behavior. But all this does not make the teenager less accountable for his actions, the evaluation concluded.
Judge Keppels considered the defendants young age and suspended 1 year of his 6-year sentence. She imposed 2 years of probation.
His twin brother Ronaldo also displays antisocial behavior, but he lacks the psychotic disorder. Though Judge Keppels also considered his age, she did not suspend part of his 7 year sentence, mainly because she also found him guilty of a second robbery.

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