Chucky and three others on trial for robbery, kidnapping

POSTED: 11/18/11 5:05 AM

Case postponed until January
Chucky and three others on trial for robbery, kidnapping
GREAT BAY – Omar Nelson, aka Chucky, made an appearance in the Court in First Instance for the first time yesterday after his re-arrest on August 29 on charges of robbery with the use of violence and kidnapping. The 20-year old, who is currently serving an 18-year sentence for a string of earlier armed robberies, made a lackluster impression and sat in front of Judge Mr. M. Keppels most of the time with his head bent down so low that he practically touched his feet. There were five guards in court to keep an eye on Nelson and three other suspects, the twin brothers Roberto and Ronaldo B., both 19, and Louella Azucenzia F., 32.
The court case however was postponed until January 11 of next year, because the attorneys for the defense had received their court file very late and they had not had sufficient time to prepare for the trial. The court granted Mr. Z.J. Bary a psychiatric evaluation of Roberto, and a psychological evaluation of Ronaldo B., but denied a request to hear police officers who had interrogated the brothers. Mr. Bary said that there was possible confusion about which brother had said what to police because they are identical twins.
The four defendants robbed a man named C. Short on August 18 of a wallet containing $20, identity papers, credit cards, bank cards, a gift card and a GPS system. Louella F. had gone to his home to lure him to his car. There the victim was hit and kicked, pushed in his car, and hit with tools. The three male robbers covered his face with duct tape, tied his hands behind his back, tied his feet, put a bag over his head, stuffed him in his car’s trunk and drove around with him for hours.
Louella F. did nothing to intervene, and she was also the one who used the victim’s bank card according to the summons.
Ronaldo B. is also accused of stealing a wallet containing an undisclosed amount of money, bank cards and papers belonging to H.S. Colbert on February 14. This was also a violent robbery whereby the accused hit and kicked the victim and threw him on the ground.
Prosecutor Mr. D.M. Benammar said that Omar Nelson will still face separate charges for his escape from the Pointe Blanche prison on March 19. After 162 days on the run, he was recaptured on august 29. After his escape, Nelson stole a car, the prosecutor said.

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