Christian Radich returns after half an century

POSTED: 01/4/13 1:28 PM

St. Maarten – The Caribbean Sail Training Association announced yesterday that the visiting tall ship Christian Radich will be open to the public tomorrow from 10.00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m. This marks the ships return to St. Maarten after more than half a century. In 1957 the vessel was here for the movie Windjammer.
The sail training vessel is at the Great Bay Harbor Cruise Ship Pier in Pointe Blanche.
Visitors will need to show a photo ID to gain entrance to the cruise ship dock facilities due to regular mandatory security measurements.

The ship is a training vessel for the Norwegian Navy in the winter and during the summers they offer voyages for school classes, arrangements for companies and private parties and they participate in many of the tall ship races organized by Sail Training International.

With 1,360 square meters of sail, almost 9 kilometers of rope and the tallest mast towering over 37 meters above deck, the Christian Radich has proven to be tough to beat in these races.
The vessel arrived in St. Maarten from Antigua where some new crew came on board and where they spend the Christmas holidays. Some other crew members will come on board in St. Maarten.
Trainees and crew on board Christian Radich are having some wonderful sailing days in the Caribbean.
From Philipsburg, the ship will sail back to Europe across the Atlantic Ocean.
It will participate in the Norwegian Stord Festival from June 27 to June 30 and then sail directly from via Stavanger to Aarhus to start in the first of the Tall Ships Races.

The Christian Radich was built by Framnæs Mek Yard in 1937 as a sail training ship: the orlops (dormitories) have a capacity for berthing 80 students; there is a large galley for learning how to cook and for the food on board, there is carpentry training, and students learn navigation and sail handling.
Trainees are selected to become part of one of the three watch teams, with 4 hours on duty and 8 hours off, day and night.
Among the duties are look-out, fire- and security patrols, sail maneuvering and steering, all under professional supervision.
The sail maneuvers are particularly demanding, but very spectacular.
Entering the rig is the ultimate event to many, but it is not compulsory and it is done under the watchful eye of professional crew and in keeping up with all safety regulations.
The trainees sleep either in hammocks or in a bunk in two comfortable, air-conditioned dormitories below deck.
The ship has modern shower facilities, offers 3 excellent meals per day and has a small slope chest where trainees and crew can buy souvenirs, toiletries, and snacks.

Youngsters with interest to sail on the Christian Radich in the future can contact the vessel’s office trough the web site or trough the Caribbean Sail Training Association which offers in many cases sponsoring to the Caribbean Youth for voyages on board the ship.
To visit the ship tomorrow at the port, visitors have to carry a photo ID. Signs will be placed to indicate how to reach the vessel. The Christian Radich will be open to the public only from 10.00 am until 4.00 pm. Drinks and Christian Radich souvenirs are available on board and visitors are asked not to go around any cruise ships or other vessels while they are in the port.

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