Chief Public Prosecutor Mos to Hodge-Sprok: “You are a valuable colleague”

POSTED: 04/15/12 4:28 PM

St. Maarten – Chief Public Prosecutor Hans Mos led the office in congratulating Ludwina Hodge-Sprok on 35 years in government service on Thursday. Hodge-Sprok started her career at the Psychiatric Hospital in Curacao on April 1, 1977 and has continued working for government ever since. She’s spent nearly 22 of those 35 years at the Office of the Public Prosecutor.
During a short speech Mos called Hodge-Sprok the office’s “Mother Superior”, hailed her knowledge of the office and how she’s used her knowledge to run the office. Mos’ thank you was delivered on behalf of the entire office and the Attorney General.
The Chief Public Prosecutor also reflected on the fact that Hodge-Sprok had seen some difficult times at the office, and praised her for going those periods with style. Mos is also impressed with the way that Hodge-Sprok dealt with the many transient officers that had come through the organization during her period of service.
Mos is also pleased that he’s been able to turn to Hodge-Sprok for guidance at times and for the fact that he could feel safe and secure in her counsel.
“You are a valuable colleague, you are loved and we are proud that you have worked for the government for 35 years, and even more that you have worked at the Public Prosecutor and at this office,” Mos said.

In order to celebrate the occasion Hodge-Sprok was presented with one month’s salary including allowances and a watch that was purchased from the office’s budget.
“Dear Ludwina Frederica Sprok, we all congratulate you warmly on achieving this milestone achieved. We wish and give you, and ourselves, here at the office many more working years in good health. We sincerely hope that this gift is a small incentive,” Mos said.

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