Chief Commissioner Wernet sent home – Navarro gets support from parliament

POSTED: 09/10/13 2:24 PM

WILLEMSTAD – Chief Commissioner Marlon Wernet has been suspended by Justice Minister Nelson Navarro pending the investigation into the death of Luigi Florentina. But Navarro seemingly still has the confidence of the parliament and he will remain in office.

Florentina, aka Pretu, apparently took his life by hanging himself with parts of his clothing in a police cell in Barber. He was scheduled to go on trial this Friday for the murder of Raoul Jacinto “Bolle” Martinez, the man who rented the gold-colored Kia Picanto that was used on May 5 for the Helmin Wiels assassination.

Navarro was all day in parliament yesterday to give account for the investigation into the Wiels-murder. The faction of Pueblo Soberano demanded clarity about the assassination of its political leader within 48 hours.

PS-MP Elmer Wilsoe, Minister of Justice in the Schotte-cabinet, said that the local authorities announced already two months ago that they know who is behind the murder; up to now nothing is known about what exactly happened on May 5.

Minister Navarro told the parliament that had not resigned but that he made his function available for political-esthetical reasons and for decency’s sake and that he leaves it up to the parliament to give him their vote of confidence. Navarro said that he does not feel any urge to remain in office and that he only took the job to serve the country. “I do not need this job. If I go back to my law office I am able to make two to three times the money I am earning now. That is not the point. What matters to me is that I am politically responsible.”

Pais-leader Alex Rosaria said that he was proud of his minister. He is satisfied with the way Navarro is functioning and about the fact that he went to parliament to ask for a vote of confidence. Rosaria said that a lot is unclear about what happened in the police cell in Barber where Luigi Florentina allegedly hanged himself on Friday night. He urged the minister to establish a committee charged with investigating the facts.

The Pueblo Soberano-faction also demands clarity. PS-MP Elmer Wilsoe said that the murder has cause a lot of misery within his party. He wants to know why Florentina was sent to Barber, who advised the minister about it and how the security in Barber is organized.

“We are not out for anyone’s head,” Wilsoe said. “But we want clarity within 48 hours. We know this is a big case, but we will not accept that we get to hear later on that somebody will be arrested next month.”

PNP-MP Humphrey Davelaar expressed his support for Navarro on the condition that the minister sees to it that the Wiels-murder is solved.

MFK-MP Gilmar Pisas, who warned earlier last week against Florentina’s relocation to Barber, called himself Nostradamus to indicate that his prediction had come through. The cells in Barber have been declared unfit. They make people depressive and drive them to suicide.”

Pisas pointed an accusing finger to Pueblo Soberano for having allowed Florentina’s relocation to an unsafe place.

Rosaria and PS faction leader Melvin Cijntje do not expect that the meeting will have consequences for the PS-PNP-Pais coalition that also has the support of Independent MP Glenn Sulvaran.

Rosaria said that minister Navarro is politically responsible for Florentina’s death, but added that the minister did not fail. “It would be very wrong to send someone home who did not fail.”

The PS-faction is not out for Navarro’s head either, but faction leader Cijntje said that people at the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the police and the prison must be held responsible.


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