Checkmate-owner Michael Kuiperi offers condolences: “We do considerable investigation before hiring a security guard”

POSTED: 09/25/12 1:42 PM

St. Maarten – Checkmate Security owner Michael Kuiperi has condemned the murder of Michael and Thelma King. While the prosecutor’s office has not released details about the suspect that was arrested on Sunday morning, Kuiperi confirms in a statement that he was an employee of his company.

“We respectfully wish to inform you that our company is very concerned especially with the fact that one of our employees has been suspected in this horrible crime. Our company would first like to say that we condemn this barbaric act to Michael and Thelma King to the highest degree. We deeply sympathize with the family and friends of these long time visitors to our island and we mourn with them for their irreplaceable loss. Our company is in the business of protecting people and property and we cannot in any way associate ourselves with this heinous crime,” Kuiperi stated.

The Checkmate-owner stated that his company “does considerable investigation before we employ someone as a security guard. It is quite common for us to request various sorts of proof of previous employment of possible candidates. Not only with the local authorities, but whenever possible also with foreign agencies.”

Kuiperi stated that the suspect “is originally from Jamaica” and that, before his services were engaged, “our company obtained information also from his country of origin. There was no indication of any reason to consider this case even a doubtful one.”

“We believe that this person is an example of where a human being can change and commit things completely out of the ordinary,” Kuiperi stated. “Quite often negative influences or relations, and even overconfidence may lead to wrong and even criminal actions. Such actions are regularly published in the local and international press. Cases with law enforcement authorities have also happened in the past.”

Kuiperi refers in his statement to a case of “not too long ago” whereby “a person employed with the authorities was sentenced and sent to prison for various crimes committed while he occupied an important position with the government.” It is not clear which case this refers to.

“Our company has cooperated in every possible way with the police authorities to solve this crime as soon as possible,” Kuiperi concluded his statement. “We wish to assure you that this case is compelling us to be even more careful than we already are in our screening and investigations when engaging security employees.”


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Checkmate-owner Michael Kuiperi offers condolences: “We do considerable investigation before hiring a security guard” by

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