Charles Cooper envisions return of old coalition

POSTED: 11/6/12 12:27 PM

WILLEMSTAD It has been more than two weeks now since the election and the new parliament has already been installed. When everybody thought that it would be easy to form a government according to the mandate of the people, meaning a Pueblo Soberano (PS), Movementu Futuro Korsou (MFK) and Man government, just like the former coalition, this has proved to be more difficult than expected.

Different members of the Man party council have asked the political leader Charles Cooper to continue with his efforts to bring these aforementioned parties together to negotiate and break the impasse and thereby form the government the people has asked for, Curacao Chronicle reported yesterday. Man has suggested a committee to be formed, the so called “Good Service Committee”, which has to deal with all the problems of communication, lack of respect etc, so the three parties can continue negotiations.

The committee consists of 2 members of each party. They can start working immediately. Political parties Man and MFK have already accepted the committee and its intentions to bring back the three parties to the negotiation table.

Man has already learned PS’ answer through the media. PS is negotiating with PAIS and they’ve already talked about content and that they are clicking together.

They’ve also learned through the media that now that these two parties have found each other, they are waiting on Man to choose. Either the party joins PS and PAIS, or it will join MFK and Par.

“Man considers these options disrespectful, which is one of the greatest problems in the formation of a government. They demand respect for the party, its members and its voters,” party-leader Charles Cooper said in a statement published on Curacao Chronicle.

“Man has been through difficult times especially when a prominent member has left the party and the reasons this member has stated for his decision is precisely the lack of respect in the former coalition by the PS leader. Now the same party that is negotiation with PS has that person in its ranks. For that reason Man cannot believe that these two parties are negotiating and wants them to join.

“Man had to work extra hard during the campaign after this member has left to show all the things the two Man minister have accomplished and to ask the people for their confidence. The people have given us another opportunity and this is why Man demands respect.

“In conclusion,” Cooper stated, “Man still wants to honor the desire of the people. Negotiate, with respect, with the political parties PS and MFK. Man wants to remind them that the needs of the people and their development are the priorities. Not the priorities of the parties or their ego.

“We want to remind them that two weeks has passed since the elections and there is still a government in Fort Amsterdam which consists of people appointed by the “coup” parties. Curacao needs a government and it wants a PS, MFK and Man government. Let’s do what has to be done.”

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