Chance to laugh out loud comes early

POSTED: 01/20/15 8:03 PM

St. Maarten —Just when most was in the process of shifting into the work mode after the festive season, the Hennessy Laugh Till Belly Burst organization will give its patrons some things to think about under the tent at the Port de Plaisance on Friday January 30 and those who miss it can only read about it afterwards.

While the timing of the annual comedy fest which will be headlined by Delcita– real name Andrea Wright– from Jamaica is unusual, Glen Brooks, the man behind the scenes said that it was based on the recommendations from Jamaicans living here that the decision was taken to start the year on a laughing note.

On the night in question, Delcita and her cast of four will be doing what comes natural to them in a play entitled, ‘Miss Elsayda’. For the two hours they will be on stage, the cast will touch on the struggles of women caught up in love situations, romance, marriage, sexuality and pressure in the work place among other things.

However, before that segment, Jay Martin, who was once referred to as Canada’s Black King of Comedy will be expected to grab the attention because he has a reputation to make the audience roll with laughter.   “After the elections followed by Gonzalo and the big floods, the LTTB patrons was craving for something different and could not wait until June when we will be celebrating out 10th anniversary. People also have to understand that when you are a popular promoter, it’s not always your calling, it’s up to the patrons,” Brooks pointed out.

According to Brooks, Delcita who is currently on a world tour always wanted to perform here and did not fail to capitalize on the opportunity to come . “As for Martin, for the past five years he had indicated his willingness to perform here, now is his big chance. it’s something different, but at the end of the day, it’s comedy,” Brooks added. This show will start on time and patrons are advised not to be late or they will miss out on the surprise introductions. “This is just a teaser,” Brooks concluded.



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