Chamber ready to take Nieuwe Post to court

POSTED: 10/13/11 12:50 PM

St. Maarten – The Chamber of Commerce is getting ready to take the Nieuwe Post Netherlands Antilles to court if the post office does not reopen this morning. NPNA locked down the post office on Monday. On Tuesday there was a debate in the parliament, but that did not offer any perspective on a speedy solution. It did become clear however that the post office in St. Maarten has been operating at a loss at least since 2009 when in lost 1.4 million guilders. The first six months of last year were not much better with a 600,000 loss.
The beef between NPNA and its legal successor in St. Maarten, PSS, is about the services NPNA wishes to keep; it wants to leave Postal Services St Maarten with the loss making job of delivering mail and continue itself with money makers like the Moneygram and e-Zone services.
Chamber President Glen Carty told reporters that several businesses depend on the post office for their operations and that the lock down threatens to make a bad economic situation even worse.

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Chamber ready to take Nieuwe Post to court by

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