Cft-advice: budget instruction

POSTED: 09/4/13 1:22 PM

St. Maarten – The financial supervisor Cft has advised the Kingdom Council of Ministers to give St. Maarten an instruction “to accomplish an adopted 2013 budget that complies with the standards of the Kingdom Act.”

In a press release, the Cft stated that it took the decision to advise the Kingdom Council of Ministers because St. Maarten still has not amended the 2013 budget. The deadline the Cft and St. Maarten agreed upon was the end of August.

DP-faction leader Roy Marlin, confronted with the news, said yesterday that the instruction would become a moot point because the proposals for an amendment to the 2013 budget are at the Council of Advice and because the parliament will probably deal with this issue in a meeting as soon as next week.

The consensus Kingdom law financial supervision states in article 14 that the Cft will inform the Kingdom Council of Ministers via its minister (Plasterk) when it has not received an approved budget on December 15 “and there also is no perspective that within a reasonable term a draft budget or an approved budget will be submitted.”

The Cft is held by law to send a motivated advice for giving St. Maarten a budget-instruction. While the Cft has published the letter to the parliament in which it announces that it has sent such an advice to the Kingdom Council of Ministers, the advice itself has not been published yet on the Cft-website.

The instruction is not there yet. First, based on the third paragraph in article 14 of the consensus Kingdom law, the Kingdom Council of Ministers has to decide that the Cft-advice warrants the issuing of an instruction. “Before a proposal for an instruction is submitted to the Kingdom Council of Ministers, the minister (Plasterk – ed.) gives the government the opportunity to express its vision.”


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