Central Voting Bureau allots the blue color to the Social Reform Party

POSTED: 07/27/14 11:35 PM

St. Maarten- The Central Voting Bureau has allotted numbers and colors to the political parties during their meeting held at the AC Wathey Legislative Hall yesterday afternoon. During the meeting the United St. Maarten Party was awarded the number 1 on the list, the National Alliance number 2, United Peoples Party 3, the Democratic Party 4, the Social Reform Party 5, and the One St. Maarten People Party  (OSPP) 6.

With regard to the color of the different parties, there was a contention between independent Member of Parliament Frans Richardson’s United St. Maarten Party and Jacinto Mock’s Social Reform Party (SRP) on who should get the color blue. The names of both parties were then written on pieces of paper and placed in a tin and the winner was randomly drawn. Mock’s SRP emerged the winner and the color light blue, which was used by the United St. Maarten Party, was given to the SRP. The United St. Maarten party then chose cyan, which is a blue green color.

The other parties maintained their original colors, such as the National Alliance white, The Democratic Party red, the United Peoples Party green, and the OSPP, Purple.

Leader of the United St. Maarten Party Frans Richardson in his comment said that he is excited going to the polls. He said that even though they did not get the color that they wanted they are number one on the list. He noted that even though this may have some impact on the electorate all the voters have to do is look for the number one on the list.

Jacinto Mock, the leader of the Social Reform Party, was extremely happy that he received the blue because it is more to his liking and ideology. Leader of the OSPP Leonard Priest said that “the entire procedure was fair” especially how the parties were selected and he was happy that they are the number six on the list which he said in jest could be “translated to six seats for the OSPP.”

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