Cell phone robber gets 30 months

POSTED: 10/11/12 3:04 PM

GREAT BAY – The Court in First Instance sentenced Michael-Angelo Labega to 30 months imprisonment yesterday for fencing a Blackberry in the fall of last year and for robbing two people of their cell phones on June 18. Of the sentence, 12 months are conditional and Judge Tamara Tijhuis imposed 2 years of probation on the 19-year- old. At the trial on September 20, prosecutor mr. Gonda van der Wulp demanded 3 years imprisonment.

The court acquitted Labega of robbing someone of a Blackberry, a gold necklace and a bag that contained a bank card, a French driver’s license and $800 in cash. The Blackberry that was robbed on this occasion was later found in the possession of Perry San-Jay F., who told investigators he had bought it for $250 from the defendant in the vicinity of the El Capitan brothel.

F. said he had bought the phone from one Michael whom he also knew under his nickname Gucci. “He is always on his stripped scooter with a black frame, with a red and black seat,” F. told investigators. The defendant later said that his scooter was painted in the colors of the Los Angeles Lakers.

On June 18, Labega robbed two people of their phones in Sucker Garden. He threatened his victims with a gun and punched one of them in the face. The robber later gave one of the phones away as a present to an uncle of his.

Judge Tijhuis considered that Labega has a criminal record for similar crimes. “This earlier conviction did not stop the defendant from committing another crime.”

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