Causeway Facebook page attracts mixed comments

POSTED: 06/19/12 11:50 AM

St. Maarten – Contractor Volker Stevin opened a Facebook page about the causeway across the Simpson Bay Lagoon that is currently under construction and will be completed in about one and a half year.
The Facebook page shows a couple of pictures – among them artist’s impression of the completed project – and gives visitors the opportunity to comment. Up to yesterday the page received 59 Likes – Facebook lingo for visitors that appreciate the information provided.
But not everybody is happy with the page and/or the project. Alston Lourens, an inspector at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, commented yesterday: How do we unlike this page? I just seriously hope this project which seems like it is continuing actually finishes, unlike the new Government Building.”
Another visitor asked whether the causeway is going to include a bridge.
“Because I don’t see many yachts getting under there. And I also heard mention that it will be a toll to cross, any truth to that?”
The contractor responded a couple of hours later, though he ignored to toll-question: The bridge will have a turning bridge part in the center of the causeway. Which will allow the boats to pass in 2-ways that will reduce the opening times.”
There were more “dislike” comments, but the page also received positive responses. One visitor simply noted: “Men, lots of success. We will come and admire the result.”

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