Cats musical enthralls audience

POSTED: 04/8/14 1:09 AM

St. Maarten– Two months of hard work on the choreography, followed by more hard work on costumes, décor and makeup came together Saturday evening at the cultural center where  the Indisu Dance Theater of St. Maarten put the musical Cats on stage for a full house of enthralled spectators. Yesterday, the cast put on a second show. Those who missed this spectacle have another chance to see the dancers excel at the same venue this upcoming Sunday at 5 p.m. and next week Saturday (8 p.m.).

Susha Hien directed and choreographed the production together with her co-director Ihndhira Marlin, who also took one of the lead roles as Grizabella. It took seven weeks to get the show – with 29 cats and eight kittens – ready for its first audience. Based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1981 musical (in turn based on Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot), Hien choreographed each solo in her show “to fit the advanced level that our company has grown into.”

Stephy Tihanyi made the fabulous décor for the show, while Thorsten Altmahn and Zebian Arndell airbrushed all costumes. The splendid makeup of the cats was done by a team led by Miguel Alexander, who also designed the wigs that turned the dancers into mesmerizing cats.

The cast of 29 cats was completed by eight adorable kittins who added their own charm to the production.

The final curtain did not literally fall, but at the end of this exciting musical, the audience rewarded all cats and kittins with a thunderous applause.

For more pictures of the musical, see pages 6 and 7.

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