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Editorial: Time for a gesture

The country is bracing for the austerity measures that will come with the draft 2014 budget. The message from both Finance Minister Martin Hassink and financial supervisor Cft is clear: budget with caution, do not spend more than you get in, and cap

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Editorial: Lack of info

St. Maarten’s member of the settlement committee had some sobering news for members of the Central Committee yesterday. While parliamentarians wonder why the whole process of dividing the assets and liabilities of the former Netherlands Antilles

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Editorial: Van der Sloot

Matthijs Voortman’s interview with convicted killer Joran van der Sloot sheds at last some light on the personality of the man who singlehandedly dealt a heavy blow to Aruba’s image in the world, and who caused immeasurable sorrow to the families

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Editorial: Campaign reform

If the statement by Prime Minister Wescot-Williams that 97 percent of the issues independent MP Frans Richardson mentions in his motion for campaign reform is already regulated by law is true, it is indeed time for an awareness campaign. Such a ca

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Editorial: Make love, not war

The demand by the prosecution of 10-year imprisonment against a girl who is just 17 years old sends a strong message to the younger members of our community. It is a strong call on young people to solve their differences in a peaceful manner, not wit

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Editorial: Waste of energy

It seems a bit of a stretch to devote so much ink and energy on the non-discussion about Black Peter – the naughty helper of Sinterklaas in the Netherlands. As we pointed out yesterday, there is a perception of racism and that at least this percept

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Editorial: Alarming diabetes trend

Yes, we all know by now that the diabetes trend is alarming – also in St. Maarten. The question is: what do we do to buck the trend? So far, we have to depend on organizations like the Diabetes Foundation but – with all respect for their effor

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Editorial: One way out

St. Maarten has painted itself into a corner that offers only one way out. The advice from the financial supervisor Cft on the approved amendment to the 2013 budget is far from complimentary and the threat of yet another humiliating instruction is al

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Editorial: Government’s Integrity Investigation now in overdrive

There is no other way to say this: the government has gone into overdrive and is pushing its own integrity investigation with unprecedented enthusiasm and with the proper sense of urgency. In spite of the explanation Justice Minister Dennis Richar

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Editorial: Integrity Quick Scan

The announcement that the government is now suddenly interested in an integrity quick scan is remarkable to say the least, but the suggestion that such a scan would make the integrity investigation ordered by the Kingdom Council of Ministers obsolete

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Editorial: Proper instructions (for attorneys to visit clients at the police station)

The trouble attorneys encounter at the police station when they want to visit their clients seems to be a highly unnecessary complication to the relationship between the partners in the judicial chain. Apparently the frustration with some members

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Editorial: A day for the history books

If you consider that most people find the day they get married one of the highlights of their life, the decision by two men to tie the knot in hostile territory in Marigot becomes more than remarkable. Of course people are entitled to voice their

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Editorial: Making October 10 a National Holiday on St. Maarten

The call for making October 10 a national holiday has some merit. St. Maarten has more with the date it obtained autonomy in the Kingdom than with the meaningless Kingdom Day on December 15. Yet the latter date is a day off, and so far October 10 is

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Editorial: Move on (Dutch Kingdom investigation instruction)

Nothing has changed in the position of the St. Maarten government about the instruction to Governor Holiday. The Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers have met this week with the governor to discuss the issue, but details about these talks do n

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Editorial: Transparency

There is plenty of space for improvement in the field of transparency in St. Maarten. We all know this, so it is nothing new really. The government has to be transparent in its decision making and the body that controls the government-the parliament-

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Editorial: The sooner the better (St. Maarten Govt. Integrity Investigation)

Reports about the instruction from the Kingdom Council of Ministers to Governor Holiday – and in particular the reaction to it from the government – have spread like wildfire across the Caribbean. Nearing its third anniversary as an autonomous co

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Editorial: Predicament (Should civil servants follow orders of the PM not to cooperate with the Dutch Integrity Investigation, or follow and obey orders of the Governor?)

Civil servants have sworn obedience to the governor of St. Maarten and they could find themselves in a rare pickle if the government persists in its position that it will not cooperate with the integrity investigation the governor has been instructed

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Editorial: Ambush

Ronald Bandell, chairman of the Progress Committee Sint Maarten has come to the rescue of the government in the controversy over the instruction to Governor Holiday to initiate an integrity investigation. Bandell says that the measure the Kingdom

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Editorial: Clear message

While Minister De Weever was not physically present, he sent a loud and clear message to the community in his address to the Transforming Care congress at the Westin on Saturday evening. We have remained silent for too long about mental health issues

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Editorial: Dispute

The dispute between BZV Curacao and country Sint Maarten about claims to the tune of 16 million guilders show that there are still quite some skeletons in the cupboards of the now defunct Netherlands Antilles. No matter how the court rulings in th

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Editorial: Underlying issue of the gruesome, senseless killing of a baby

There are no words to describe the loss of a baby, especially when the infant is healthy and the pride of his parents. The senseless killing of Mark Reid Jr. in April by a man suffering from religious delusions played out in court yesterday in all

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Editorial: Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s disease is hanging like a dark cloud over the world and apparently the world has no clue how to deal with it. That the number of patients with Alzheimer’s and related diseases will increase at a worrisome pace is a fact, but nobody

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Editorial: Progress in the Helmin Wiels murder case

The Wiels-investigation finally seems to be making serious progress. Obviously the investigators have not been idle since the May 5 assassination of the Pueblo Soberano-leader, but the lack of news has led people to believe until recently that this c

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Editorial: Appropriate

The former owners of the American University in the Caribbean knew already in 1993 that they were going to leave their campus in Montserrat, it appears from an interview with former AUC-employee Joe Johnson. It is interesting to note that, apparen

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Editorial: Criminal profits

Crime should not pay even though there are plenty of people who consider breaking the law as the fastest way to get their hands on some real cash. This week defendants with convictions for human smuggling to their name heard the prosecution demand th

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Editorial: Ludicrous

A student who says he was not even involved in a fight at the St. Maarten Academy is sitting at home because the school only wants to take him back if his mother signs a contract that sets strict conditions for his behavior. While these conditions

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Editorial: Participating society

King Willem-Alexander’s first King's speech – his address at the opening of the parliamentary year – will go down in history as a change document. The message it contains will have far reaching consequences for many people. The King has anno

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Editorial: Crying over spilt milk

The details we publish today about the history of the American University of the Caribbean make clear that the Tien-family pumped millions upon millions of dollars through the school into foreign bank accounts. Nobody stopped them, nobody asked qu

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Editorial: Clear picture (American University)

Parliamentarians made a lot of noise about the deal the American University clinched with the tax inspectorate. But as stories this newspaper will publish also in the coming days will show, this news does not fall out of the sky. The university ha

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Editorial: Budget Amendment

The budget amendment Finance Minister Hassink sent to parliament is a sensible piece of work, even though the financial supervisor Cft has expressed its doubts about it. Like with all good plans, substance matters more than intention. This is why

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Editorial: Departure of MP Laville

Independent MP Romain Laville announced yesterday what may have been his last speech in parliament. That seems a bit early, given the fact that his current term in office only ends after next year’s elections. If it is Laville’s intention neve

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Editorial: Pretu’s death in Curacao police cell

The death of the one before last link between Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels and his killers took his own life on Friday evening in a police cell in Curacao. It is tempting to follow the leader of Prime Minister Asjes – who used the term su

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Editorial: A brutal insult (to autistic children and Down syndrome sufferers)

That there are children in our community that needs more attention in school than others is a fact. Under the law on compulsory education it is the government’s responsibility to take care of these children and to give them the best possible care.

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Editorial: Sense of urgency

Judge van de Ven looked perplexed yesterday morning when a prosecutor told him that unconditional prison sentences for suspects that are not detained at the moment of their sentencing cannot be executed at the moment. The message is realistic and

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Editorial: Nice touch

Predictably, the parliament voted yesterday unanimously in favor of a motion against André Bosman’s initiative law to restrict the admission of citizens from St. Maarten, Curacao and Aruba to the Netherlands. While Members of Parliament cried f

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