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Editorial: Piranha

The Piranha investigation has brought something to the surface that no politician talks about: the underfunding and understaffing of the National Detective Agency, aka the Landsrecherche. If statements made about this topic by the former head of the

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Editorial: Compassion

The story about the 68-year-old credit card swindler who has to be flown to the Netherlands for medical treatment may have readers wonder whether this is not an expensive way of doing things. It is of course true that flying an inmate with one or two

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Editorial: Rosy picture (Simpson Bay Resort & Marina / Hard Rock)

While the management of the Simpson Bay Resort and Marina paints a rosy picture of the upgrade of its facility, one critical follower of the timeshare industry has noted the darker side of this vital segment of our economy. Thousands of timeshare own

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Editorial: Control

If a government is able to spend money while this is not accounted for in the budget, as a report by the General Audit Chamber reveals, there are two problems. First of all there is obviously a government that does not play by the rules. Generally

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Editorial: Ludicrous

Minister Tuitt’s contention that “the media” are in collusion with the United People’s party is ludicrous. At Today we are not able, nor do we wish this, to speak for “the media” – we only speak for ourselves. Do we have an agenda

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Editorial: The devil at work

Economic Affairs and Tourism Minister Romeo Pantophlet claims in a press statement the Tempo Turns 7 birthday bash as a success. Of course, many people beg to differ. The events were so poorly attended that they made Tempo CEO Frederick Morton cry

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Editorial: Excessive

While Vromi-Minister William Marlin remains committed to the purchase of the Emilio Wilson Estate there is still no explanation for the reason the property’s price went through the roof in just four years time. It is all good and well to preserv

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Editorial: Left out in the cold

Telecom provider UTS is a partner in a deal that will bring a high speed submarine internet cable from Florida via Puerto Rico and Tortola to Curacao and Aruba and from thereon to South America. St. Maarten is a shareholder in UTS, but from the re

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Editorial: Urban legends

With all the controversies that surround our healthcare institutions one would be tempted to think that there is better care to be had in North Korea. But the reality is a tad different: in spite of all the court cases, in spite of all the mudslin

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Editorial: Paramaribo connection

For the third time in a month a drugs courier from Suriname stood in front of the judge in the Court in First Instance. The man had swallowed almost a kilo of pure cocaine in so-called bolitas. This is extremely dangerous for the courier, but a more

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Editorial: Parents platform

The Education Ministry’s initiative to create a national parents platform is a good step towards structured parental involvement in children’s education. It will likely strengthen the ties between the schools and the home front – and given the

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Editorial: Beautification

The initiative by the Justice Ministry to organize a training about crime prevention through environmental design is a positive one that should not end after the 40-hour training for law enforcement officers is completed. From what we have seen, t

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Editorial: Celebration time

The Tempo birthday celebration began this past weekend but the critics are not convinced that the island is getting a premium deal. First it was $400,000 for Tempo, now the government seems to have found an additional $23,000 to pay local performers.

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Editorial: Happy meatless Sunday

Some people are still processing their Thanksgiving turkey, or maybe even having Thursday’s leftovers for lunch this weekend. And here comes the commemoration of Sadhu Vaswani’s birth date and the call for a meatless day tomorrow. Everything hap

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Editorial: Complete openness

Citizen Michael Ferrier asks in a letter we publish today on our opinion page a couple of pertinent questions of MP Louie Laveist. We figure that as the president of the Democratic Party and as a citizen with a long history in local politics, Ferrier

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Editorial: Compliment

Minister de Weever made a remarkable appearance at yesterday’s press briefing where he tore up a copy of this newspaper. A bigger compliment is hard to come by. The minister respects freedom of the press but he respects objective journalism even

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Editorial: A bit like Gaza

The St. Maarten Medical Center must feel a bit like Gaza strip residents under the attacks by Public Health Minister Cornelius de Weever and his Inspectorate. The latest installment in the war of words is the minister’s reaction to a perfectly n

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Editorial: Smear campaign

There are lies, damned lies and statistics, the saying goes. Lies are bound to come out sooner or later and statistics usually lead a happy life of their own. So what to make of the lies Inspector General Earl Best told the media in a press releas

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Editorial: Fix the problems

Economic Affairs Minister Romeo Pantophlet had plenty to complain about during yesterday’s press briefing: low productivity at the Department of Economic Affairs, and inefficiency, red tape and bureaucracy in the government. Cynical observers mi

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Editorial: What is wisdom?

UP-leader Theo Heyliger has challenged the government about the way it is dealing with the interests of the island’s lifeblood – cruise tourism. He sees his carefully crafted relationships with the major players in the industry crumble due to wha

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Editorial: Who is in control?

UP-leader Theo Heyliger came out swinging after six months of radio silence in a candid interview on Oral Gibbes Live last week. If there is anything to his statements about the sand that was dredged from the Great Bay area and that was subsequently

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Happy St. Maarten Day

Another St. Maarten Day is almost upon us, but do we have something to celebrate? We hear year after year stories about the cooperation between the Dutch and the French side, but, truth be told, we never see any practical results. About a year ago

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Editorial: Tunnel-tax

St. Maarten is certainly not short of plans. First there were the by now infamous cricket field and the drag racing strip. Then Justice Minister Duncan launched his plan for a Justice Park. Now we hear from infrastructure Minister William Marlin that

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Editorial: Domestic violence

The month leading up to the holidays in December is dedicated to domestic violence – one of the greater ills in our community. Every now and then somebody ends up in court for ill-treating a wife or a girlfriend. But what we see in court is the

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Editorial: Nothing to complain about

After UP-leader Theo Heyliger, the Hospitality and Trade Association SHTA has also expressed its concerns about the effects hurricane Sandy could have on our island’s economy. It is an understandable point of view, even if the term Pavlov-reaction

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Editorial: Debt relief

St. Maarten has found a bargaining chip after the Dutch Finance State Secretary Weekers asked the country to exempt citizens and companies from the BES-islands who buy goods here from the turnover tax. Finance Minister Roland Tuitt wants to use this

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Editorial: Crisis intervention

Minister De Weever’s intention to take crisis intervention away from the Mental Health Foundation and move it to Turning Point seems to make little sense. The MHF is fully equipped for this task, complete with a resident psychiatrist, while Turning

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Editorial: Language skills

Education Minister Silveria Jacobs has work to do or, to be entirely correct, more work to do, after she received the report from the Soualiga Foundation about the experiences of St. Maarten’s students in the Netherlands. The main stumbling block

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Editorial: Hollow phrases

The prosecution made short shrift yesterday of most of the arguments defense attorneys presented in the Vesuvius trial on Monday and Tuesday. Of course, not everything is what it seems and it is in the end up to the independent judge to separate fac

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Editorial: Vesuvius

The Vesuvius-trial has almost run the first leg of its course. The prosecution has presented its case and defense attorneys have rattled the cage this week to the best of their abilities. Where the prosecution demands two life sentences and against

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Editorial: Writing legislation

It is interesting how our Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports played the ball back to the parliament yesterday when the issue of making Constitution Day a national holiday came up. Writing legislation is not the prerogative of the govern

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Editorial: No done deal yet

The demand did not exactly come like a bat out of hell, but still, the life sentences public prosecutors demanded yesterday against two defendants in the Vesuvius trial suddenly doubles the number of potential lifers from two to four within less than

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Yesterday we erroneously reported that acting Governor Reynold Groeneveldt will travel to Curacao as an observer for today’s elections. Prime Minister Wescot-Williams said on Wednesday that the chair of the main voting bureau would be dispatched at

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Editorial: Higher taxes

Finance Minister Roland Tuitt is not one to mince his words too often, but yesterday he treaded carefully when questions came his way about a possible increase in taxes. The surest way for the government to generate more income is obviously the turno

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Editorial: Cornered

The publication of bank statements on Curacao’s whistleblower website Curaleaks suggesting hefty payments from Italian gaming company BPlus into the account of MFK-leader Gerrit Schotte’s girlfriend Cicely van der Dijs drew an angry reaction from

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