Catalan and Knight are Pond Island Champions

POSTED: 11/15/11 4:40 AM

St. Maarten – Steve Catalan lapped the entire field to win the 25 lap A class segment of the St. Maarten Day Bicycle Race. Joseph Knight also pedaled to victory in the 20 lap B class event. Racers began at the Festival Village and navigated the clockwise course that took them onto Arch Road.
Riders in the B class got off to an early lead but A class riders Edwardo Benitez, riding for VCSM and Catalan were the first to cross the line at the end of lap one with a 16 second lead on the peloton. After that Patricio ‘Blade’ Carty and Bienvenido ‘Papi’ Carty made a break for it and extracted themselves from the peloton.
The two riders at the front extended their lead to 33 seconds in lap two, but the battle was brewing in the B class with 18 laps remaining.
With 10 laps to go, there was a 50 second gap between the two riders at the front and their nearest rivals. Catalan and Benitez were rotating the lead and the two Cartys along with Janseen were able to catch up during the seventh and eighth lap, making it an open race.
Catalan detached himself from the small group of riders with six laps remaining. His lead at this point was just under two minutes. The race also started taking a toll as Janseen who was part of the four man pursuit was forced to quit after he got a flat tire. The two Cartys and Benitez also submitted themselves to a battle for the number two and number three spots.
Catalan then went on to shock all by lapping all the racers and cross the line unchallenged in lap 25. The Cartys and Benitez were already almost five minutes behind when Catalan crossed the finish line. Patricio ‘Blade’ Carty would eventually be second followed by Benitez in third and Bienvenido ‘Papi’ Carty in fourth.
In the battle of the B class, the positions was reversed after Thierry Webster collided slightly with Joseph Knight as they approached the line. Webster was first to cross the line but because of the infraction, Knight was given the top spot and Jean Claude Richardson took third place.

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