Casino staffer collapses mid-afternoon

POSTED: 03/28/12 11:23 AM

St. Maarten – A waitress at Beach Plaza Casino collapsed on Tuesday just after three in the afternoon but the quick action of ‘casino regulars’ may have saved the life of the woman who’s in her mid-thirties. The woman was identified as Anna Rodriguez of the Dominican Republic.
Staff at the establishment said that it took two calls and some forty five minutes for the ambulance to arrive on the scene. Before they arrived, staff of the facility made light work of transporting Rodriguez’s limp body from public view and into a room at the back of the casino which is located between Longwall and Walter Nisbeth Road.
Persons who frequent the establishment said that “the woman collapsed in the middle of the casino floor and appeared unconscious for quite some time.”
“I thought that she was epileptic,” one man said as he recollected how Rodriguez’s fists were closed tightly and her eyes shut.
“This is the second time that she has collapsed here,” a friend of Rodriguez who lives in Sucker Garden lamented.
The woman suffered a stroke last year and paramedics spent close to an hour attempting to stabilize her condition. The casino’s operations were not affected as gamblers remain focused on table games and slot machines.

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