Casino puts lock on Kids Funland

POSTED: 08/22/11 12:23 PM

St. Maarten – Hollywood casino has put a lien in Kids Funland in Cole Bay, a facility built by Saskia M., a former head of the casino’s financial department. She built the project with money she stole from her former employer.

In December, Saskia M. was arrested after the casino discovered that she had embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars. Prosecutor mr. R. Mud told this newspaper in December that the woman had confessed to the crime in front of the Judge of Instruction.
Hollywood’s attorney mr. Wim van Sambeek estimates the amount Saskia M. embezzled at $400,000, and possibly more.

Authorities released the embezzler after her confession to give her the opportunity to continue operating Kids Funland and to earn money to pay back her former employer.
However, when the casino did not receive a penny in repayments during the past eight months, it decided to put a lien on the facility.
On Friday, bailiff Karl Arrindell put a lock on the door, and the casino now aims to sell it to the highest bidder in an attempt to recoup at least part of the embezzled funds.

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