Carnival Queen pleads for more job opportunities

POSTED: 02/21/12 12:08 PM

St. Martin – Newly crowned St. Martin Carnival Queen Christiana Denis delivered a moving performance on Friday night when she sang a calypso called ‘Stand Up for Ourselves.’ The seventeen year old said that she was inspired to sing the piece that was written several years ago by another calypsonian after seeing her mother, who was actually born in Dominica, struggle to get a proper job.

“The song really portrays my emotions and it said exactly what I wanted it to say. I can’t stand it anymore. On more than one occasion I have witnessed local people getting pushed around when they apply for jobs but foreigners get it with ease,” Denis said.

As an aspiring businesswoman in the modeling industry, Denis said that she intends to employ local people but they must be willing and serious. She contends that many businesses on the French side encourage bribery.

“There are certain businesses that accept bribes to give foreign people jobs. It makes it difficult because to hide their actions they just say come back some other time. But if a foreigner has enough money they can get the job.”

Denis also responded to the criticisms that are usually leveled towards local labor in terms of their work ethic. She admitted that many persons who abuse the medical insurance system and operate complacent, paint a negative picture of all locals.

“I would however say that not because you had a bad experience once doesn’t mean that every other potential local worker should have to pay for that.  I would advise employers to reopen their minds because everyone is not the same,” Denis passionately said.

The Lycee Polyvalent student encouraged potential employees to always make a good first impression and be persistent in their quest for jobs, even if it meant approaching the same business on more than two occasions.

Denis revealed that she entered the Senior Carnival Queen competition with two goals in mind: to lead young women and to take pageantry to a higher level on the island. Participating in the competition taught her patience and humility, she said. The queen is calling on the business community to invest in culture, a position she has taken because of personal difficulties in finding sponsorship.
“Young ladies are not on the road but are doing something meaningful and need your help,” Denis appealed.

Throughout our interview with Denis she appeared confident, articulate and intelligent. This prompted us to ask:  You seem to do well at impromptu speaking. What went wrong on Friday night when you had to respond to your final question?  (See related story in Monday’s newspaper) Denis quite candidly explained that she did not understand the question but attempted to answer it to best of her ability.

Here is an excerpt of some of the lyrics of Denis’ calypso piece

When I see how mi country change overnight

I have every reason to be uptight

My hart in pain under heavy strain

Because they say its me own damn people to blame.

Politicians talking, nations building

Back of mi head a bell start to ring

Too much foreigners in key positions

That’s how they plan to run mi nation.



I see Haitians in front a we

European in front a we

Puerto Ricans in front a we

And that’s how they running me country

I see Guyanese in front a we

More Chinese in front a we

More yardees in front a we

And’s that’s how they running me country.

Day after day locals suffering

In every corner we getting sting

Like wildfire spreading on grass

That’s how they buning de poor man a**


Lawd de coming for me

I a St. Martiner I demand to be treated as such!

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