Carnival Queen contestants are ready

POSTED: 01/15/13 12:55 PM

GREAT BAY – The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) introduced the contestants for the four categories of Carnival queen pageant this weekend: juniors, teens, matures and seniors.

The Junior Pageant will feature four “princess contestants” while the Teen Pageant will feature five young ladies competing for the crown.

The name of the Teen Pageant is actually the TelEm 2013 Teen Carnival Queen Pageant since the company has stepped up to sponsor three of the four pageants – except the juniors.

Meetings have been held with all pageant contestants to go over rules and regulations and other details of the respective pageants. About three months or rehearsals, outings, interviews ect will now commence as the girls get ready for the big nights in April.

SCDF President Mike Granger thanked the parents of the contestants for signing them up to participate in the pageant. He also called on the business community to assist the contestants in their preparations for their respective pageants. Granger thanked the TelEm Group of Companies for stepping forward to be the corporate sponsor of the event.

“Of course the last part is the support of the entire community for each pageant. For the next few months the contestants and the SCDF will be working hard to produce a top-notch show. We are looking forward to excellent support from the public,” Granger said.

Both Motorworld and TelEm are locked in as the corporate sponsors for the senior and mature pageants. Motorworld puts up two cars, one each for the eventual queens of the pageants. The senior pageant, which will also crown a Miss St. Maarten, features nine contestants while the Mature Pageant features eleven women 26 years of age and older.

There is no shortage of intrigue with these two pageants, each featuring contestants that have been former queens or have placed in previous pageants over the years. Many of the contestants have been involved in pageantry from very young and, according to SCDF-President Mike Granger, all are eager to perform. One of the contestants is still the reigning Miss Hibiscus St. Maarten Queen.

“The Mature Pageant is unique by nature. Here you have well-known, professional women in various fields competing in a pageant. This appeals to many people. The Senior Pageant will crown a Miss St. Maarten to be an ambassador for her country. We are very excited about these two pageants and are very happy with the amount of contestants we’ve attracted this year,” Granger said.

Motorworld and the SCDF added more excitement to both pageants by offering brand new vehicles to the eventual queens. “We just thought the caliber of the events deserves a terrific grand prize. A lot goes into pageant preparation so we believe these women should be nicely rewarded,” Granger said.

The TelEm Group of companies is also on board as corporate sponsor and Granger extended thanks on behalf of the foundation to both companies for stepping up and supporting events that are important parts of the Carnival celebrations.


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