Carnival kicks off on March 19

POSTED: 09/17/15 12:52 AM

GREAT BAY – The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) on Wednesday released what it called its teaser schedule for Carnival 2016. The foundation has held back some surprises as well as any details regarding shows. All of that will be made public once the Scotiabank official schedule is released in December or January.

Carnival 2016 is slated to run from April 14 until May 3, with the first pre-Carnival activity kicking off on March 19. In total the schedule is 28 days of Carnival related activities with almost every day in April “occupied for celebrating mas.”

The schedule includes seven international concerts, five parades, five jump-ups, four pageants, three TelEm road-to-carnival parties, a family fun day and five other local shows. The SCDF has also scheduled a King and Queen of the Band competition, an event that hasn’t been held for well over a decade, and a Wet Fete in Carnival Village.

“We structure the schedule to feature something for everyone, from very young children, to teens to adults, the lineup can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. It was important for us to release early so that folks can make vacation plans, our hotels can structure their packages and people can plan properly,” Carnival Director Mike Granger said, adding that the schedule still might be tweaked here and there.

This is the Carnival agenda so far:

Saturday, March 19                 Causeway Jump Up & 1st Road to Carnival Party

Friday, April 1                        Around Town Jump Up & 2nd Road to Carnival Party

Saturday, April 2                     Senior Calypso Eliminations & Roadmarch competition

Sunday, April 3                       Junior Queen Show/Junior Calypso Show

Friday, April 8                        Road To Carnival Party Finale

Saturday, April 9                     Rio Productions Lighted Parade

Sunday, April 10                     Survivors Children Balloon Parade

Thursday April 14th                Official Opening of Carnival 2015/Carnival Village Opening

Friday, April 15th                    Soca Rumble

Saturday April 16th                 Caribbean Flag Fest International Concert

Sunday April 17th                   Junior & Cultural Parade/Village Cookup

Monday April 18th                 Teen Carnival Queen Pageant

Tuesday April 19th                 Senior Carnival Queen Pageant

Wednesday April 20th Miss Mature Carnival Queen Pageant

Thursday April 21st                Youth Extravaganza

Friday April 22nd                   Dreamteam Entertainment Concert

Saturday April 23rd                Night of the Hit Makers Concert

Sunday, April 24th                  Splash Wet Fete in Carnival Village

Monday, April 25th                 Senior Calypso Finals

Tuesday, April 26th                International Concert

Wednesday, April 27 (4am)    Jouvert Morning Jump-Up

Wednesday, April 27 (8pm)    $5 Village Night/King & Queen of the Band

Thursday April 28th                Fully Loaded III

Friday April 29th                    Sabor Latino IV

Saturday April 30                              Grand Carnival Parade                  

Sunday, May 1st                      Labor Day Parade

Monday, May 2                      Wet & Dry Family Play Day

Tuesday, May 3                      Closing/Burning King Momo




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