POSTED: 05/9/14 10:36 AM

St. Maarten – While the traditional burning of King Momo signaled the conclusion of yet another successful series of Carnival events, it also set the platform for musicians, booth holders, and jouvert morning revelers to come up with a good plan for the 2015 event.

It was customary for the St Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) to recognize the musicians who provided accompanying music during the various road events that attracted the largest amount of followers.

This year, the band of the year award went to ‘The Official Band’ and for the very first time, the SCDF decided to reward an interesting  group of persons that stood out during the Jouvert Morning Jump Up and that award went to the ‘Prisoners & Wardens’, a chained group who were clad in black and white.

Ironically, this year the SCDF did not hand out a prize for the best decorated booth; however, they did arrange for booth holders to showcase their cooking skills at the Cook Out that took place on Sunday inside the Festival Village.

The names were placed in a bag and six names were pulled for the cooking showdown in which each was required to prepare similar dishes (locrie and bull foot soup). After the stoves were extinguished, the pots simmered and the tasting was complete. The winning trophy went to booth #67 (Vibes Cant Done), courtesy of the Richards family.

There was also a prize for the person that was following the proceedings as they unfolded online and that prize went to Chris Daru from Dominica. For the 46th Carnival, Daru will receive an all expense vacation package and that will include a vip pass for all events compliments of the Horizon View Hotel.





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