Carnival Extravaganza Thursdays on the boardwalk

POSTED: 01/11/13 12:00 PM
Tamara Leonard and May Ling Chun of SDI present a Boardwalk Carnival Extravaganza poster to SCDF President Mike Granger.

St. Maarten – It will be like Carnival all year round when the Boardwalk Carnival Extravaganza kicks off on Thursdays, starting on January 17, from 8:00pm to 11:00pm. This event at St. Rose Arcade in Philipsburg condenses the music, costumes and food of the annual revelry into a weekly fest for residents and visitors.

Boardwalk Carnival Extravaganza is an entertainment event organised by SDI to be highlight and promote the country’s carnival and provide year round fun in a way that is totally unique to St. Maarten and the Caribbean.

The legendary Leroy “King Beau Beau” Brooks will host the extravaganza together with his Beaubettes.

St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) has given its seal of approval to the Boardwalk Carnival Extravaganza, congratulating the SDI team on this initiative that serves to increase the “build up” to the April/May Carnival season.

“It is precisely the type of event and partnership we welcome to spread the word about Carnival to locals and visitors in particular. If they can get a little taste of what Carnival is like on Thursday, then they will be eager to come back for an entire month of activities. It’s a unique conversion project that should result in more heads-in-beds around Carnival time,” said SCDF.

Carnival was strategically positioned at the tail-end of our high season to extend the high season. So any additional effort to assist in that endeavour is most welcomed and beneficial to St. Maarten on the whole.

Vendors are encouraged by SDI to sign up at DarTam/Leonard Enterprises office for booths on Thursdays. Organisers are seeking the “real St. Maarten/St. Martin flare with Caribbean flavour” for the extravaganza. Artisans, painters and vendors of arts and crafts and other items are urged to sign up. Musicians are also invited to sign up so they can promote and sale their music at the event.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to showcase their talents and skills can also sign up for a booth on Thursdays.

Participating restaurants on Boardwalk Boulevard will offer special Thursday menus highlighting the local dishes typically sold in Festival Village during Carnival.

Residents can enjoy the weekly event free of charge. Visitors will pay a small fee that will also cover transportation to and from the event at their hotel’s activities desk. Contact your activities desk for more information.

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