Carnival dancer reveals philosophical side in new books

POSTED: 02/3/12 2:29 PM

St. Maarten – The self-titled ‘Bamba Claus’, Bernard Michel has penned two books which he expects to bring “enlightenment” to the nation. Michel who describes himself as a “dancer who sends people wild and the free mind who makes people wise” plans to release his two publications soon. One of the books is called “The Voice of God” while the other has been titled “The Root of Evil.”

The Root of Evil is an autobiographical piece written in a complex but intriguing narrative on Michel’s life-education from a variety of sources. He speaks fondly of his world travels, informal education and the culture of Africa but decries the social injustices he observed during the nineteen forties and makes predictions on the destruction of humanity by 2077.

Here’s an excerpt: “At the age of seven I was sent to Europe. Goodbye to the drums beating in the night, my world was henceforth enclosed by the walls of a boarding school…In 1940, the German army liberated me. Escorted by their dive bombers, I finally ended up on the Spanish border. It is there that in an old dry stone house overhanging the rough waters of a torrent that I discovered the treasures of the simple life…After the crayfish, the trout and the bears of the Pyrenees I discovered hypocrisy and violence in a small town where well-behaved young ladies, at night could change into hellcats who ambushed silly boys in the dark and where pious men of the cloth, respectable and respected, could turn into filthy devils who assaulted those simpletons behind the door of their study.”

Both books were self-edited and Michel said that he had nothing to do with the post-production process.

“I have an aversion to modern technology so I wrote everything by hand and then had my secretary transcribe it using her computer. I am too old to learn about those things now, but I will always remain a thinker,” Michel noted.

His writings are drawn from his life experiences and “God-given inspiration”. He rejects conventional thinking and says that he is firmly grounded in the teachings of Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras of Samos.

“These books took eighty two years of my life to write. As I received inspiration, I wrote things down. I made a lot of mistakes along the way but I realize now that I am the only man in the world who thinks like I do. Therefore in order to reach the summit I will start from the bottom by re-educating people here who had their culture stolen from them because of white violence.”

Perhaps as testament to his unique train of thought, Michel propagates that God is not love but God is life. He explained that it is time for people to “stop loving and start living” because people who do not love are not “jealous and sadistic fornicators, do not deceive, betray or kill and they are masters of their base instincts.”

Michel was born in Cameroon, Africa to an abusive French father who served as an administrator in chief of colonies. His books also revealed that he worked as a teacher, sailor, a hippie, collector of old newspapers, was a soldier and even a petty thief. He has been living on the French side for over a decade with his wife. He has fathered three sons, two of whom he describes as “failures” because he chose their names and sealed their fate.

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