Carib Swim Team takes top honors

POSTED: 11/22/11 7:46 AM

St. Maarten – Carib Swim Team accumulated 365 points to win the international invitational that was held at Caribbean International Academy at the weekend. Second place went to Super Splash who scored 342 points and the Leatherbacks of St Eustatius were third with 232 points.
It was the second time that the Super Splash team has hosted this event which was sponsored in part by Ennia, Airfin, B&C Beverages and Caribbean Liquors & Tobacco.
The event opened with the parade of teams which included the Dolphins from St Croix, the Stingrays from St Eustatius, the St Barths Natation, Lab Sports from St Maarten and the host team Super Splash. Les Brown from the Department of Youth & Sports and the President of the host club, Foraibb Ersilia delivered the opening remarks and declared the competition open.
Eighty-one (81) swimmers participated in 90 individual races and relays. The swim meet was closed off with a fun relay in which team work was promoted. The visiting teams went home with a promotional bag from St. Maarten sponsored by St. Maarten Tourist Bureau, WIB and Manrique Capriles.
The individual high score trophy winners for girls 8 and under were S’Ade Williams (Leatherbacks) 34 points; boys 8 and under Fernando Hassell (Leatherbacks) 46 points; Girls 9-10 Sophia Alvarado (Dolphins) 39; Boys 9-10 Joep-Jeroen Vroegop (Carib) 45, Justin Williams (Super Splash) 27 and Kidd Holiday (Super Splash) 25 points; Girls 11-12 Charlotte Backovic (SBN) 42.
In the bracket Boys 11-12 it was Abayomi Coombs (Carib) 42, Keeshaun Hodge (Super Splash) 20, Emanuel Rogers (Lab Sports) 20, Valentin Debotte (SBN) 20 points.
In the Girls 13-14 the top placers were Mara Reltien (Carib) 35, Camilla Blijden (Super Splash) 24, Loreen Allanic (Carib) 17 and Boys 13-14 David Maxor (SBN) 28.
In Girls 15 and up Nikkita Camelia (Super Splash) 30, Lea Lerchundi (Carib) 29, Naomi Korstanje (Carib) 21swam to the top spots and in boy s15 and up Valentin Walter (Carib) 33, Bor Scholten (Carib) 14 were the two on top.
The organisation was glad with the assistance of 15 students from St. Dominic Secondary School and Caribbean International Academy who used the meet as an opportunity to earn credits for their community service programs. WIEMS was also present to ensure the safety of the swimmers.

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