Career Fair at Vocational School unites students and businesses

POSTED: 04/5/16 8:56 PM

St. Maarten News – Princess Juliana International Airport, TeLEm, the Red Cross and entrepreneur Regina Rabess who is also a teacher at the St. Dominic School were among the businesses that participated in a Career Fair at the St. Maarten Vocational School yesterday morning.

Career Guidance Counselor at the school Ashayna Nisbett expressed her appreciation to the businesses that participated and mentioned that it is “nice when business decides to take up the challenge to come to the school to show the students what they could offer and what the students could offer the businesses as well.” She said it was very motivating for the students and she presented them with certificates to thank them.

“We want to make this an annual Career Fair and I hope that you would take up the challenge and continue to bring the nice “goodies,” she said in jest, adding that job training is one of the most important aspects of the school since it is their business to get their students into the work environment as soon as possible.

She hopes that in the event the school calls the businesses they will be able to assist by exposing the students to the work environment. Nisbett explained that with the right guidance and the motivation of business there will certainly be students willing to take on the challenges of the work force.

Glenderlin Davis-Holiday, head of the division for public education spoke at the fair about career planning. She advised students to talk to their guidance counselor about the steps they need to take to plan their career. “Please do this for yourself and do not listen to what your friends may say,” she said.

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Career Fair at Vocational School unites students and businesses by

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