Car wrecks to be removed by police

POSTED: 02/19/13 12:22 PM

St. Maarten – With over 1000 car wrecks on the island, the police has begun an exercise to rid several districts of these eye sores and haven for rodents. Community police officer for the Cay Hill, Belair, Bush Road and Fort Willem district, Richard Henson, reported on Saturday that the police conducted an operation in Fort Willem.
“We started an initiative on the island where car wrecks are being picked up. There are over a thousand old cars on the road in some districts,” Henson said. “Fort Willem was basically turned upside down. We removed about 10 old car wrecks that have been there since Jesus was a little boy,” he continued.
Henson said that in many of these areas, wrecks are concealed by dense vegetation. “When you remove the bush it looks like a parking lot.”
Henson said that the company that is responsible for the crusher on the dump is busy moving its operation to another location.
“Once they get that organized, we are going to get all these old things moved,” he assured.

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Car wrecks to be removed by police by

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