Car thief gets lucky

POSTED: 12/22/14 12:03 AM

St. Maarten – Delbert Gary B. escaped a 4-month prison sentence for fencing a stolen car yesterday in the Court in First Instance. The police stopped the 24-year-old on September 29 and found that the car’s ignition was broken, and that de registration plates were incorrect. On the back seat officers found other plates and it became clear that the car had been stolen on the French side on April 21.

  1. told police that he had seen the car with the broken ignition on the French side and that he had driven off with it. The officers arrested the man on the spot, and he was released a couple of days later with a summons to appear in court. He did however not show up yesterday.

Prosecutor Karola van Nie demanded a 4-month prison sentence for fencing the car, but Judge Rick Smid had a disappointing message for her. “I disagree. This is not fencing but stealing a stolen car. It is a pity but even so, this leads to an acquittal.”

Van Nie noted that it is not possible to prosecute someone on the Dutch side for car theft committed on the French side of the island.

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