Capoeira Foundation organizes open house

POSTED: 08/23/11 12:24 PM

St. Maarten – The Soualiga Capoeira Foundation will host two open house days to start off the new school year. The group which was established in St. Maarten in November, 2002 is very excited about the new year as it is also a transitional period within the group.
After an intensive series of summer seminars, three members are on track to become the first group of certified Capoeira Instructors coming out of the local program. In addition four other members are in training to become “estagieres” and “student monitors”.
The group which practices the Afro-Brazilian martial art/dance form of Capoeira would be the first in the Caribbean to graduate instructors from a non-Brazilian teacher. “There are over 20 different Capoeira groups within the Caribbean, but all of them were founded by Brazilian teachers, and have Brazilians teaching.
The few that have local teachers have not yet established themselves long enough to foster local teachers. “I am very excited to see that our local program here in St. Maarten is about to make history within the region,” program founder Tyrone Phelipa says. Along with Sherwin Rekondie (from Curaçao) and Bernardo Lendore (from Aruba) he is the only (former) Antillean to have reached the rank of Professor. ” We have had over 300 individuals take part in our classes over the past 9 years, and currently give classes at three locations on the Dutch side, and one on the French Side, with approximately 100 members, with about 50 that are really consistent and train/perform regularly,” Phelipa said
The persons slated to become instructors are: Kevin Dekkers, Kelvin Perez and Clifford Henry.
Soon to be Estagieres are: Kennedy Brison, Karesa Stay. Student Monitors: Fabian Martina, Mickael Dellion.

Phelipa says that the group has started the new school year with lots of energy. “We would like to invite all interested persons and those curious as to how our classes are run to drop by one of our two open houses for a free introduction class.”
The open house days are held this Wednesday and next week Wednesday at the St.Maarten Academy gym from 4-5 pm for ages 4-11 and 5:30 – 7 pm for ages 12 and up (adults included).

“Capoeira training is a great way to lose weight, gain flexibility, and increase endurance. Because it encompasses so many aspects and is such a holistic art form, there are additional benefits such as increases in musicality, rhythm, self-esteem, and of course the ability to defend oneself should the need arise,” Phelipa stated in a press release.
For more information go to the group’s Facebook page; search for Soualiga Capoeira.

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