Calypsonians on collision course

POSTED: 04/8/13 2:07 PM

St. Maarten – The level of competitiveness was exemplified when six of the competitors ended up in a dead heat at the conclusion of the Nagico Senior Calypso eliminations at the Celebration Palace on Saturday night.

According to the judging criteria, 30 points were awarded for lyrics, 30 for melody, 20 for rendition and 20 for presentation. But after the verbal battle, King Beau Beau and Kaiso Brat finished with 271 points each, Roxxy, the only female to advance had 245, Young Calix and Mighty Dando had 238 each, Kitty Boy, 236, Mighty Kirk and Man George locked on 232 each, King Phox with matching digits, 222 and Baker Jr at the bottom of the chart on 220.

There was never a dull moment for the almost capacity audience as the 18 calypsonians backed by music from D’Orchestra made their presence felt on stage and despite the fact that most participants hold back their trump card for the grand finale, it was vitally important for them to impress the judges which included Adolphus Richardson, Mickey Frederick, Romez Fleming and Clifton Wilson (head judge) and by extension captivate the attention of those in attendance.

St Maarten’s Philosopher of Humor and the first King of MC, Fernando Clark had the distinct honor of introducing the calypsonians and he never failed to inject his own doses of entertainment. In a nutshell, the first half of the contest could have been described as moderate.

King Barrow had an opportunity to set the bar as the first on stage with a song entitled, ‘Shame’, but things did not turn out that way.

D-Monitor, who sang, ‘Don’t Blame the Parents, Lord Chesie’s ‘Obama’ and Lady Sha’s ‘at the end of the day’ also failed to make an impression on the judges. Kitty Boy, was first to get the attention of the judges with a song entitled ‘Gone but not forgotten,’ a tune which dedicated to his parents who died the same year.

The Mighty Chipman, was the first to take a direct aim at the local politicians with a song entitled, ‘Politicians Overtaking.’ De Mighty Pepper, failed to heat up the audience with ‘Who running this government. But when Roxxy singled out herself like a lily in the valley with a song entitled, ‘My Own Song,’ she cemented her position; the last calypsonian before the break was Young Calix with his song ‘First Preference.’

To add some spice into the night’s proceedings, some of the ladies that will be competing in the Miss Mature pageant took an opportunity to grace the stage while introducing themselves. When the show resumed, some prominent figures came under heavy attacks.

His Majesty Baker Jr’s song entitled, ‘They don’t pass there’ generated a degree of interest in sections of the audience. Mighty Dando may have sounded pathetic when he said, Politicians Hate Me,’ King Phoxx, did not fire on all his pistons with a song he called, ‘Lately’ but he is still in the running. The veteran, Calypso Barbara still demonstrated her ability to be competitive with ‘Slave Till Thy Kingdom Come.’ But when King Beau Beau came on stage, the audience expected him to deliver and that was exactly what he did with a song entitled, ‘Tit For Tat’ and he made his point.

Kaiso Brat, a seasoned campaigner had his work cut out after Beau Beau’s performance, but his song entitled, ‘Doing As They Like’ in which the politicians also came under the microscope was mind boggling.

‘The Repeater’ had some difficulty remembering his lines in a song he called ‘My Suggestion’ and opted to eject himself from the stage and Man George, looking quite dapper as usual did his best to impress the judges with a song he called, ‘Mandate.’

The most unusual act of the night was when the Mighty Dow (not competing in the eliminations) entertained the crowd and the reigning Calypso King, Fish Da Mega Boss making a cameo appearance. But now that the defending champion has heard what the 10 that have advanced have to offer, he will have to put on his hard hat on the big night in question when the tempo and the temperature are expected to rise.

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