Call for awareness about domestic violence – Peridot Foundation will replace damaged statue

POSTED: 11/27/12 1:58 PM

St. Maarten –  The international day for awareness of violence against women is commemorated until December 16, Peridot Foundation founder Gracita Arrindell said in a press release issued on Sunday when the commemoration started.

“The date of November 25 is just a reminder for ordinary citizens as well as governments around the world not to forsake those who have suffered at the hands of an abuser.  It is also a promise and a firm commitment by those who work tirelessly to make sure that this anti-social act against another human being is eradicated from our respective communities,” Arrindell stated.

“Domestic or relational violence comes in many shape and forms. Domestic or relational violence, is physical as well as mental aggression. As a civil community we must remain vigilant, be proactive in preventing abuse, as well as report all forms of domestic violence to the police or the public prosecutor’s office which we highly commend for placing this subject on the front burner,” Arrindell stated.

The Peridot Foundation remains committed to its mission to eradicate domestic violence, the press release stated. The statue with Peridot’s theme Guarding loved ones you may lose, will be replaced before December 16. The date and time of the placement of this symbol which was vandalized last year will be announced shortly.

“Our foundation takes this opportunity to thank all those sponsors who have made a valuable contribution over the years and continue to show their support to this very important cause. A cause which more and more is gaining attention and support by notable actors and actresses who have started their own foundations to bring more attention to this horrible issue,” Arrindell stated.


Arrindell and fellow-MP Sylvia Meyers-Ollivacce were part of an international forum on Sunday during a regional meeting of parliamentarians. This international session also commemorated the International Day for No Violence Against Women. The theme of this three day regional meeting is: “Making the rights agenda a reality in Latin America and the Caribbean: the role of parliaments to achieve equality.”

“As members of Parliament we will continue to make our voices heard and hope to make a valuable contribution to this important forum,” Arrindell stated.”I ask each man and woman to think about committing an act of domestic violence or relational violence against another, to please stop and consider the consequences.  Our sons and daughters, the next generation of leaders, teachers, lawyers, nurses, musicians, mothers and fathers depend on our generation of today to make our homes, schools and workplace a safe and peaceful place. Let us all commit to guarding loved ones you may lose.”

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