Cab driver gets 8 years for attempted manslaughter

POSTED: 06/28/12 12:03 PM
Cab driver Mathurin Alextus arrives in court. Leo Brown Photo.

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced Mathurin Alextus to 8 years imprisonment for multiple attempted manslaughter yesterday. The sentence is conformed the demand by the prosecution. Alextus caused a bizarre incident on March 31 in front of the entrance to the Princess Casino at Port de Plaisance on March 31.
At 3.30 in the morning the 49-year-old cab driver deliberately drove his Toyota Land cruiser into a group of people after seeing a man whom he claimed had threatened him a year earlier with a gun.
The court rejected Alextus claim that he thought everybody had jumped out of the way. He hit five different people with his 1,500 kilo car and drove his vehicle over the legs and the belly of two women he had known for more than twenty years.
Judge mr. Monique Keppels considered the charges for multiple attempted manslaughter proven and rejected the defendant’s argument that he had acted in panic. During the trial on June 14, the prosecution showed video footage from the incident, but even after seeing them, the defendant kept claiming that he did not hit anybody. Several of the victims came to court as witnesses for the defense. One of them had been unable to stand up for a month after the incident and in court she was still walking with crutches. But when Judge Keppels asked her how she felt, she smiled and said that she felt just fine. None of these witnesses was present when the court ruling was read yesterday morning.

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