C-Lounge Restaurant at Alegria (ex Caravanserai) firebombed

POSTED: 04/5/16 8:55 PM

St. Maarten News – An unknown man firebombed the C-Lounge restaurant at the Alegria Resort in Beacon Hill on Sunday evening. Witnesses saw how a man threw an incendiary device through the windows of the establishment at 7.45 p.m.

Police patrols and the fire department rushed to the scene. Traffic in and out of Beacon Hill was stopped to allow the fire fighters to do their work.

The police report speaks of “a loud explosion” shortly before the fire erupted, but witnesses say that someone threw a fire bomb into the place.

There was nobody in the restaurant at the time. The fire destroyed the restaurant’s interior completely.

The police reports that “the cause of the explosion is still unclear” and that it will be investigated by the forensic department and by detectives.

Alegria Real Estate, the owner of the resort, has made several attempts to evict Jimy’s NV, the company that exploits the C-Lounge from the property.

In summary proceedings, Alegria demanded in July 2015 that Jimy’s leaves the property within a week and that it pays a bit more than $57,000 in rent arrears, maintenance fees and late fees.

But the landlord and its tenant were already in court in 2014, when Alegria contested that Jimy’s was its tenant and when Jimy’s argued that Alegria should repair the roof that had been damaged during hurricane Gonzalo.

The court denied Alegria’s demand for eviction and payment and it ordered the company to execute repairs to the C-Lounge building under threat of a penalty of $250 per day with a maximum of $25,000.

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C-Lounge Restaurant at Alegria (ex Caravanserai) firebombed by

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