Businessman pushing for events to mark Guyana’s status as a Republic here

POSTED: 02/23/12 2:22 PM

St. Maarten – Since the year 1970, the 23rd of February has been a special day for the people of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, the gaiety, pomp ceremonies and cultural extravaganzas involve each of the country’s six races.

George Semple, the owner of Quality Snacks on the Pond Fill will be spearheading an effort to stage what will be known in the future as a Guyana Day on March 3. So for all those who have heard about it but have never tasted the mouth watering pepper- pot, the national dish, on Guyana day, lots more will be in store.

Guyanese entrepreneur Neville Mars described the initiative as “a brilliant idea” to get Guyanese on the island together on a social level.

“I don’t think that any other nationality should take this idea personal, because we too as Guyanese have made contributions to this island and just like the people from the Dominican Republic, Suriname, India and the Philippines, we too can celebrate our special day here,” Mars said.

This one day event is not restricted only for the members of the Guyanese community that reside here. It is also open to those persons who have heard about the only English speaking country in South America and afford them an opportunity to taste some of the spicy dishes.

They will also be able purchase a variety of handy craft, listen to real Guyanese music and see videos of the majestic waterfalls, animals and other forms of wild life in what is considered one of the world’s most  pristine jungle, breath taking from above and  inviting from below.

“This is the perfect opportunity for all business men from Guyana to meet and exchange business cards while interacting at the same time. In Guyana, the celebrations go on for one month, but I selected that day so that Guyanese living here can come out and feel the same way, only on a smaller scale,” Semple said.

The management of Quality Snacks will not be going into the venture all alone, and according to Semple, he has already spoken with the management of the Shopping Mart in Madame Estate that deals specifically with goods coming out of Guyana.

For that day in question, Quality Snacks, which promotes itself as the number one Roti shop on the island would be transformed and vehicles will not be allowed on its parking lot. To further sensitize the general public, Semple will be making arrangements for Guyanese to get personalized jerseys at a minimal cost.

In the evening, the venue will take on another dimension with some live Guyanese music from Dexter Daly, aka ‘Loving Teaspoon’ and his one man band.

“This is the perfect way for the people from the other countries to learn about the rich cultures of Guyana and what we have to offer. This is just the beginning, we have one year to plan for 2013 and that is when we hope to involve more people in our traditional celebrations back home,” Semple added.

In re iterating what Semple said, Mars pointed out that Guyana Day is not only for Guyanese.

“It’s an opportunity for cross the board celebration, it’s an open event and all are welcome, it’s also a business day and it could be seen as a beginning of things to come in the area of trade between St Maarten and Guyana.”


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Businessman pushing for events to mark Guyana’s status as a Republic here by

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