Businessman Jacques Hamlet candidate in June 9 elections

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MARIGOT—“The entire St. Martin needs to be treated better,” said Jacques “Billy D” Hamlet for his reason that he is contesting the upcoming legislative elections on June 9. Hamlet who is no stranger to the polls had started his militancy at age 19 when openly denounced the unfair practices by the French Government which ended in a riot in Marigot in 1989.
It is the first time in the history of the French Republic that candidates will be able to participate in these elections as a deputy, where they are given the opportunity to vote laws in the Senate and question the government on the way things are done. “Here is a good opportunity for us even though to do this we cannot continue to conduct politics in the old time way that we are accustomed to,” Hamlet said.
He feels that it is because of the way that the politicians have been conducting the politics that the country is the way it is. “If they had done a proper job, we would have been in a better position today.” It is because of the way that they conduct themselves that motivates him to be involved in the future of the country at a higher level. He contends that politicians need to be close to the people and know their needs. “Too many people are suffering especially the people of St. Martin.”
He noted that one of the most absurd things that he has heard is that one needs to align oneself with one of the larger parties to contest the elections. He explained that this was the situation for years which has resulted in the current situation. “Today we need a lobbyist who is going to represent the people in the National Assembly and Senate so that they could see the reality of the situation that exists `on St. Martin,” Hamlet said.
“If we could bring them here to see the reality of things that are happening then this could only be better for St. Martin.” He explained that because the deputies who are in the National Assembly work with the different commissions of the state, he will lobby with them to come to the island to see and feel the problems that exist in St. Martin. He stressed that if this is done then the politicians will be “able to open new doors to different ideas and the way that politics are conducted.”
He is convinced that the people of the island are not being treated fairly even though they are French and hold a European Union Passport. He said that if a survey is conducted on how the French Republic has treated them, the answer will be negative. Since the answer is no, then that give them a reason to vote for him who could bring about a change.
He said that it was recently stated that the President has said that he is going to change the electoral policy by making persons who have a carte de séjour for five or more years to vote in an election which changes the dynamics of the elections. He noted that this will not have a major affect on the polls in France since there is only a 7% immigrant in France but for St. Martin this will have a negative effect since the immigrant population for St. Martin may be a much as 52%.
It is because of these facts that “we need to bring them here to see the reality of things. He stressed that some in the society feel that there cannot be any changes. “If we do not start to make small inroads it will never change. The bottom line is that we need to do business differently.”
Hamlet’s debut in the political arena was made during his early years and according to a video which is currently being played on YouTube explains his involvement in the local, regional and international politics. “My efforts over the years were geared towards bettering this country.”
Hamlet was very supportive of his brother, the late deputy mayor Jean-Luc Hamlet who entered the political arena in 1992. In 2004 he participated in the elections for the first time for the General Council where the French Side was divided into two districts and received some 400 votes. He also participated in the recent Territorial Elections with Senator Louis Constant Fleming.

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