Budget of 2.3 million for road maintenance

POSTED: 02/29/12 2:06 PM

St. Maarten – A budget of 2.3 million guilders (a bit over $1.3 million) is what the Ministry of Public Housing, Urban Planning, Environment and Infrastructure has at its disposal this year for road repairs and road-related works. Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto wrote this in answer to questions by National Alliance Mp Louie Laveist.

“The ministry has a maintenance plan to repair the roads by means of patching the asphalt roads and to repair the concrete roads by replacing damaged concrete. Dirt roads are graded in accordance with a maintenance program,” Shigemoto wrote.

It also appears from his answers that the government is busy repairing the road surface on Front Street, where bricks have sagged. The road was built ten years ago.

Shigemoto wrote that repairs on Back Street started last Monday and that the work “is carried out by contractor Windward Roads at its expense.”

The Finance Minister also noted that “potholes are being filled according to a schedule which is published in the daily newspapers to inform motorists about works being carried out.”

Road repairs on Bush Road are “pending,” the minister wrote. This is due to the fact that there is apparently a dispute with the water company (meaning GEBE) “which refutes it as being a problem of water leakage.” The repairs are nevertheless scheduled for completion in March.

The expansion of the sewage plant on Illidge road is scheduled for completion in the third quarter.

For Cole Bay and further west a study will be carried out “to determine the most suitable location for sewage treatment facilities.”

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Budget of 2.3 million for road maintenance by

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