Budget 2013 balances at 443 million guilders

POSTED: 10/4/12 12:50 PM

St. Maarten – The Council of Ministers approved the 2013 budget on Tuesday, Finance Minister Roland Tuitt said yesterday. The budget balances at 443 million guilders ($247.5 million). The government wants to commit 30 million guilders ($16.75 million) to capital investments.
Minister Tuitt declined to give details about the budget, other than the amounts dedicated to each ministry. “It is the parliament’s prerogative to establish the budget,” he said. “This is a meager budget. We have to work with the money that is coming in. If the businesses step up to the plate and start paying their taxes as they should, we will have more than enough money to provide services to our people.”
Compared to the 2012 budget, the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, transportation and telecommunication gets 1 million guilders less to spend; the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and labor has to do with 2 million less. The beneficiaries of these budget cuts are the Ministry of General Affairs (+ 1 million) and the Ministry of Vromi (+ 2 million).
The budget for the high councils of state is 16 million guilders; General Affairs 72 million; Finance 42 million; Justice 74 million; Education, Culture, Youth and Sports 112 million; Public Health, Social Development and Labor 60 million; Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and telecommunication 29 million; and Public Housing, Urban Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Vromi) 36 million.
The budget was submitted one month after the September 1 deadline to the board for financial supervision Cft.

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