Budding potentials unearthed in St Maarten Idol

POSTED: 04/4/12 11:57 AM
The sxm idol winner in the secondary bracket, Geraldine Nicourt.

GREAT BAY – The St Maarten Promoting Young Ambassadors are now extremely proud after staging their third annual St. Maarten Interscholastic Idol which at Celebration Palace over the weekend. The competition consisted of three categories, the Primary school cycle 1 category with 7 participants, the Primary School Cycle 2 category with 12 participants and the secondary school bracket with 7 participants.
Jamaar Hilton stole the show with his rendition of “I believe” which set the tone for the show in the cycle 1 bracket. He won the most popular prize. The actual winner in that bracket was Keivon Daniel from the M.A.C school who sang “Reach for the Sky.” He received a Nintendo Wii as the 1st prize.
The 1st runner Up, Josh Groman stunned the audience with his harmonious voice as he sung “You Raise me Up.” The audience was very impressed with the youngster especially after hearing that he had undergone an emergency surgery the night before to remove his appendix. He was so determined to represent his school and showcase his talent that he showed up and shocked everyone with his melodious voice despite his pain. He won a portable dvd player for his efforts. The 2nd runner up was young Ava Gaelle Gibson, who sang a very hip song ‘Who says.’ Ava along with her back up dancers put on quite a performance and she won a sony dvd player.
Kyanni Atmopawiro of the Sister Magda Primary school was the victor in the Cycle 2 segment. She also took home the most popular prize as well with her extremely powerful rendition of “My Reedemer Lives.” For the first place she won a lap top. The 1st runner was Jocelyn Lambert of the Caribbean International Academy (CIA) who actually commutes to school as he is originally from St. Barths. He sang a song in English as well as in French “What you are made of” and he won a nintendo wii.

Keivon Daniel, the Cycle I winner during his rendition of ‘Reach For The Skies.

The 2nd runner up was Mark McAlmont, hailing from the MAC Reverend John A Gumbs Campus. He sang “Call on Jesus” and he won a Sony digital camera. The 3rd runner up was Friche-Ann Soriano from the Hillside Christian Schools, who sang “The impossible dream” and she won a portable dvd player. The 4th runner up was Vincia Nelson from the MAC Browlia Milliard Campus. She sang “Not guilty”, and she won a DVD player.
In the secondary school competition Milton Peters College almost had a clean sweep, after raking the top 2 prizes. Geraldine Nicourt, who represented the HAVO section singing “Listen”, won a lap Top. The 1st runner up was Edwin Barry of MPC TKL section. He sang “Human nature from Michael Jackson” and he won an iPad. The 3rd runner up spot went to Sinatra Bauld of the St. Maarten Academy Academic section. She sang “I was here” and she won a digital camera.
“The participants in this competition did extremely well and the judges definitely had a difficult task. The audience seemed pleased with the outcomes of the three segments and with the show overall. I wish to thank everyone present for making the show the huge success that it was, but it would not have been possible without the enormous talent of the youngsters who participated,” president of The St. Martin Promoting Young Ambassadors Foundation Angelique Martis-Romou stated in a release.
Later she’d add, “The foundation is so proud of the youngsters who continue to shine and exhibit their God given talents as the foundation’s main goal is to promote youngsters to be the best they can be in every way possible and to be the future ambassadors of St. Martin.”
The 4th annual St. Martin Interscholastic Idol will be held on April 7, 2013. Schools are encouraged to host mini idol shows and then sending the winner to the national competition. There are plans to introduce a choir competition.

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