BTP visits Ectel in St. Lucia

POSTED: 11/18/14 12:10 AM

St. Maarten – Director of Bureau Telecommunications and Post St. Maarten  Antony Carty and supporting staff paid a working visit to St. Lucia to meet with the Ectel, the multi-state telecom regulator of the Eastern Caribbean, to discuss bilateral- and regional telecom issues and to establish a working relationship.

During the visit, Carty, Chief Operating Officer Giovanni King and PR and marketing manager Ryan Wijngaarde from BTP-SXM met with the Managing Director of the Ectel, Embert Charles, the Director of Technical Services Andrew Millet, and Director of Human Resources Pat Payne.

Topics discussed were spectrum management, mobile spectrum interference from neighboring islands, Universal Social Funds, talent management, policy development, the impact of mergers and acquisitions in the region and opportunities & threats within the telecom industry.

Carty and Embert Charles agreed that Ectel and BTP-SXM will work together in the future by effectively making use of each other’s level of expertise. “We are operating in the same region, performing similar activities, carry the same responsibilities, facing the same challenges and sharing the same objectives,” Carty stated in a press release. “To operate as efficient and effective as possible, it’s beneficial to all parties to establish good working relationships, join forces, learn from each other and assist each other in finding solutions for national, regional and global issues in the sector. All with the overall goal to further enhance telecom services in our region.”

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