BTP Curacao shaves 11 cents off electricity tariff

POSTED: 02/9/12 1:24 PM

Final decision pending

St. Maarten – Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunication Franklin Meyers says an interim report from Bureau Telecommunications and Post (Curacao) recommends that government implement an electricity tariff of between 19 and 22 cents per kilowatt hour for its base rate. The company currently charges 33 cents per kilowatt hour for its base rate.

The presentation of the proposed rate was done last week after the BTP Curacao executed research jointly commissioned by Meyers and Energy Minister Theo Heyliger. A tariff report done by Kema at Gebe’s request was basis for the study. This new research took into account the company’s expenses, inefficiencies and energy output as part of coming to the tariff.
“Ironically enough…the initial recommendation is that Gebe’s base rate should be in the proximity of 19 and 22 cents. The base now is 33 cents and if you can recall when I had said I was not receiving any information from Gebe, that I had said I would send them a letter and ask them to lower it by 10 cents and I was advised not to do that because I was not aware of the intricacies and the loans, but based on what the initial report states they came in at one cent lower than what my proposal would have been and I must admit my proposal was not scientific. It was just a good hunch,” Meyers said.

This initial report does not mean there is a concrete decision. BTP Curacao met with Gebe’s management team a day after the presentation to government to gather any additional data on expenses and this will be part of the final report to the ministry.
“Once I receive that final report a letter will swiftly go to Gebe telling them to implement those rates immediately. The target date that was set in the meeting, again on a hunch, was March 1, however we also have to take into consideration the billing period has already started so it is not likely that will be implemented by March 1, so I will shoot for March 31 if the deadline of March 1 cannot be implemented based on the billing period,” Meyers said.

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