Bryson becomes SZV’s representative in Curacao

POSTED: 04/5/12 1:01 PM

SZV’s Chief Executive Officer Dennis Richardson (center) and Dr. Glenn Bryson (right) sign the service level agreement for the latter to become the body’s representative in Curacao. The SZV’s Chief Operations Officer Reginald Willemsberg (left) is also pictured.

St. Maarten -A three year service level agreement paving the way for St. Maarten patients to have all of their logistics taken care of when they are referred in Curacao was signed on Wednesday. The agreement between Social and Health Insurances (SZV) and Dr. Glen Bryson of Bryson’s Medical Consultancy N.V (BMC) in Curacao takes effect as of May 2012.

It makes provisions for patient transportation to and from the airport, hospital, specialist and accommodation as well as emergency medical evaluation, mediation between SZV and care providers in Curacao, patient care coordination, guidance and patient administration. Leaving 21 years of practice as a general physician behind, Dr. Bryson will now become the face of SZV in Curacao.

SZV Chief Executive Officer Dennis Richardson said that this most recent development is bittersweet but is an important step for the organization which has committed itself to improving customer care.

“It is a bitter sweet arrangement since a very much appreciated general practitioner on St. Maarten will be leaving. On the other hand he has committed himself to St. Maarten to give the necessary guidance to people that are there.”

With SZV patients being referred to several parts of the world such as Holland, Santo Domingo and Colombia, Curacao still meets the greatest demand by catering to more than 1, 500 referral patients annually.  The void that is created in terms of a liaison between Curacao and St. Maarten will now be filled, Richardson said. It may also result in decreased expenses for the organization who from past experience wants to stay away from unnecessary travel expenses caused by patients going back and forth.

The service level agreement that was signed took months to complete after much deliberations. The operations team of the organization was tasked with its execution and SZV hopes that it will serve as a model for future agreements. Chief Operations Officer Reginald Willemsberg based on the challenges patients currently face, this development comes at the right times.

“The experience we have for years is that when we send our patients to Curacao they are left on their own. When they reach at the airport, nobody is there to pick them up; they have to get a taxi. They don’t know where to go; basically they are at a loss. You are already out of your home environment in a strange place. Now with this agreement we are taking this to the next level. When they are there they have someone that they know, one of own who speaks their language and understands them and will take care of them.”

Dr. Bryson said that he was saddened to leave his patients.

“Moving to Curacao will serve an even greater audience. It will not only be my patient group but the patients from all of the clinics on St. Maarten that are in need of guidance. I find this a great challenge to be able to take this important step in terms of enhancing the care that will be given to the patients down there and making the transferal process more efficient.”

Bryson’s Medical Consultancy is established at Kaminda Seru Waterloo # 35, Sunset Heights, Curacao. It will be manned by a team of five people excluding Dr. Bryson.

Another agreement between SZV and BMC N.V is expected to be signed shortly where ‘reasonable priced’ accommodation will be sought and provided to referral patients.

“This pilot project presents an exceptional opportunity for the people of St. Maarten,” the SZV said.

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