Brooks Tower Agreement process closed

POSTED: 07/16/13 12:20 PM

St. Maarten – The Brooks Tower Agreement (BTA) process is closed, a press release from the Immigration and Border Protection Service stated yesterday. There is no possibility to submit a first time request. Only existing permits are being handled, it said.

The Immigration Office on Illidge road is now accepting requests for change from BTA category 1 to regular residence permit. Those whose category 1 permits will expire by 3 November 2013 can submit their documents only on Saturdays starting this Saturday and ending on Saturday August 10 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This exception has been made to cater to the large group of category 1 permit holders. To reiterate; each BTA category 1 permit holder requiring a change to regular residency must visit the office on the next four Saturdays only in order to be assisted.

Requirements for BTA category 1 Change into regular residence permit: model II completely filled out and signed by applicant in addition to having a NAF 5,- stamp; valid passport, also bring along a copy of this document (page with the photo must be colored (for applicant  and for partner, parent(s) or guardian of applicant if applicable);  original police record not older than 6 months (only for applicants older than 16 years); this can be submitted with the proof of application or application form completely filled out with NAF  5,- stamp; copy of valid residence permit; proof of income (job letter or recent pay slips or income tax ); if applicant is a minor proof of income parent); valid residence permit for parent or guardian of applicant (if applicable) and school registration letter for the children; (if applicable).

Please note that a detailed registration form from the Census Office is not required as the Immigration Office will be able to verify registration directly. Permit holders therefore don’t need to visit the Census Office.

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