Broke robber gets prison time

POSTED: 06/21/12 1:09 PM

St. Maarten– David St. Brice was broke on January 3 of last year and the option he chose to solve that problem earned him a 30 month prison sentence and 3 years of probation. Of the sentence, 10 months are suspended. Together with a man identified in court as Jerry, the defendant loitered on the parking lot of the Belair Hotel in Little Bay until a tourist couple with its 2-year-old child came back from dinner.

The attempt to rob the couple of their car keys and their wallets under threat of what was probably a water pistol they had painted black failed when the woman started screaming at the top of her voice. That scared the robbers so much that they fled.

As glass that the defendant was involved in this,” prosecutor mr. Manon Ridderbeks said. “The chance is slim that these tourists will ever come back to St. Maarten again and we have him to thank for it. You can count on it the victims will tell at home what happened to them here.”

The prosecutor noted that the defendant suddenly started denying his involvement in court, while he had made extensive statements to the police to describe his role; he had repeated them in front of the judge of instruction.

The offense amounts to attempted extortion, because the robbers demanded the car keys and the wallets, but the victims never handed them over. mr. Ridderbeks demanded 30 months imprisonment with 10 months suspended and 3 years of probation.

Attorney mr. S.H. Ibrahim noted that there are contradictions in the statements that implicate her client. “It is possible that there were other perpetrators. My client does not match the description the victims gave of the robbers. My client did not have a weapon and he did not take any action towards the victims.” She asked the court to acquit St. Brice.

Judge mr. Monique Keppels considered the charges proven and followed the prosecutor’s demand in sentencing.

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  1. bubbles2012 says:

    i know him hes a very sweet boy,never gets in trouble we went to skool togethere and if he said he was broke he maybe really was,and maybe that wasnt the way to solve his problem but maybe out of hunger and frustration he took action with no hesitation plz forgive him #freebrooks