Bosman suggests intervention to solve “mission impossible”

POSTED: 08/23/13 2:34 PM

St. Maarten – Finance Minister Maarten Hassink’s remark last week that achieving a zero deficit budget could be a mission impossible has triggered a reaction from VVD-parliamentarian André Bosman. Yesterday Bosman submitted written questions to Home Affairs and Kingdom relations Minister Ronald Plasterk about the statement. “Should the Kingdom Council of Ministers intervene to make sure St. Maarten gets a balanced budget?” Bosman asked.

It usually takes between three and six weeks for ministers to provide answers to written questions. “What is your opinion about the fact that the Minister of Finance of St. Maarten has indicated that the country St. Maarten needs some flexibility, meaning that the budget deficit should not be zero percent, but 2 or 3 percent?” Bosman wants to know.

The VVD-MP, who has emerged lately as the sole Member of the Dutch Parliament to show any active interest in what it happening in St. Maarten, furthermore wants to know why the country does not manage to balance its budget. “Do you agree that it is important for St. Maarten to put its budget in order as quickly as possible based on the requirements from the board for financial supervision Cft?”

Bosman also wants to know who carries the final responsibility in case St. Maarten does not manage to put its financial household in order.

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