Bosman submits immigration-law

POSTED: 06/12/13 1:11 PM

VVD wants tough requirements for migration to the Netherlands

THE HAGUE – Underprivileged Antilleans from St. Maarten, Curacao and Aruba must meet strict criteria if they want to settle down in the Netherlands, Jamila Baaziz reports on Caribisch Netwerk. VVD-MP André Bosman sent yesterday initiative-legislation to regulate this matter to the Second Chamber.

According to the VVD Antilleans that come to the Netherlands must meet at least one of the following four requirements: they must have a job in the Netherlands, they must have sufficient money to support themselves, they must follow a study, or they must have a direct family member.

The Netherlands must have the option to sent back migrating Antilleans that do not meet one of these criteria, the VVD finds.

Bosman has about had it with underprivileged Antilleans that are able to come to the Netherlands just like that. Chances that they end up in trouble are significant. “We have been busy organizing activities for underprivileged Antilleans for thirty years,” Bosman told the Telegraaf. “We pumped millions into it to get them on the straight and narrow, but this was often in vain. They still top the crime figures, ahead of Turks and Moroccans.”

In the elucidation with the initiative-law the VVD notes that “migration goes with sustainable ties in the Kingdom” and that efforts have to be made to let Antilleans integrate in the Netherlands. The party is also of the opinion that the social support could fade if a certain group wrongfully uses the migration possibilities in the Kingdom.

The VVD counts on support from the Labor Party PvdA for its initiative. The regulation of the migration of citizens from St. Maarten, Aruba and Curacao to the Netherlands was already announced in the governing accord. Until now no government has managed to legislate the limitation of the free traffic of citizens from the islands.

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