Bosman law postponed until spring 2014

POSTED: 10/7/13 12:48 PM

THE HAGUE /St. Maarten – If the Dutch parliament approve the residence law from Member of Parliament for the VVD, André Bosman, it won’t become effective until March of April at the earliest. Additional research into the practical implementation by municipalities and a full agenda of parliament are the reasons for the postponement, Bosman said in an interview on Friday.

The VVD-member wishes to limit the flood of underprivileged youngsters with the rules for residence and deportation of citizens from St. Maarten, Curacao and Aruba in the Netherlands. Although the Second Chamber of Parliament queried the law, Bosman thought there were fewer questions. “The fact that there is a problem with the youngsters was acknowledged. I was asked to concretize how the problem should be tackled.”

Bosman has meanwhile answered most of the questions; for example the question if the second version of the law could stand the test of criticism from the Council of State. “We’ve listened seriously to the remarks from the Council of State and amended the law accordingly”, said Bosman, who therefore didn’t think it was necessary to present the new version once again to the advisory organ. Moreover, it would mean an additional delay of several weeks.

At this moment Bosman is spending most of his time consulting on the practical implementation of the law by municipalities, which are eventually to monitor if people meet the conditions upon registration. “There’s more to it than making the law. I’m also responsible for the correct implementation and that’s a next step. We consult with municipalities, small and large, on the implementation, purely to learn any possible practical problems. As a result the enactment probably won’t be ready for discussion in parliament until January and in the Senate until March or April. It can become effective once it’s been adopted.” In any case the date of January 1, 2014 won’t be feasible, Bosman said.

The VVD-member was mostly annoyed by criticism that his initiative regards a racist law. “The law makes a distinction, but purely based on the place of birth.”

Neither will municipal officials and the Public Prosecutor search actively and apprehend persons based on their skin color, he emphasized. Eventually only those disturbing the public order structurally, risks the chance of being sent back to their native country and only based on the judge’s verdict.


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