Bonaire has no money for road maintenance

POSTED: 01/25/13 12:25 PM

KRALENDIJK – The public entity Bonaire needs $70 million to maintain its road network and to build new roads – and the money to do this is not there. Engineering bureau Haskoning has calculated what the island needs for maintenance and road building. Commissioner Burney El Hage said in an Island Council meeting that the road 10,000 cars on the island do not generate enough road tax to cover the costs.

The road tax revenue is at $2.5 million not even sufficient to cover the annual $3 million road maintenance program.

Bonaire’s growing car fleet causes yet another problem: there are not enough license plates available to serve everyone. This is why many new cars are driving around with a cardboard plate or with a handwritten note placed behind the windshield.

The Haskoning-experts wrote a report saying that Bonaire needs $70 million to bring all hard-surfaces roads in a proper condition, and that the island has a structural deficit for building and maintaining roads.

El Hage sees the solution in population growth. “Then we will get more cars and more income from road tax,” he said.

For the time being the island does not have the money, not even for maintenance. ”That is why it is good that we are a part of the Netherlands,” El Hage said. “We have to come to an agreement with the Netherlands about road maintenance and surfacing. There is no other option.”

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